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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Angie J. Continues Begging Fans For Cash

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It’s definitely no secret that some participants of My 600-Lb. Life are more successful than others. And sadly, even those who go on to make progress often struggle from other issues in their personal lives.

Reddit users recently noticed that Season 7 guest Angela “Angie” Johns has been asking for money online. Many of the show’s patients fall on hard times, but Reddit users didn’t seem to have a lot of patience with Angie J. here.

Keep reading to see what they said.

Reddit users drag the My 600-Lb. Life star for asking for money online

While Angie J. did manage to lose a significant amount of weight during her episode, fans still weren’t pleased about the way she acted on camera. And they’re even less impressed with her requests for money.

My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

“Angie J still begging for $$$,” the original Reddit user wrote. They uploaded a censored screenshot of what appears to be Angie’s Facebook page.

“So I need like a ten spot,” the My 600-Lb. Life star began her post. “And before you put yourself in my business let me tell you that Shannon’s money is Shannon’s money! Not mine. He may buy me things but he does not give me money. So don’t think because I got a coach purse for Mother’s Day that I’m out here living it up. (Frankly idc about a Coach purse when you come from nothing. Things like that don’t impress me.)”

She goes on to say that she just needs a little bit of extra money for gas and things. And she will not tolerate people who show up on her post to start drama.

Angie J./Reddit

Reddit users were not at all pleased with the post and definitely had some choice words for the TLC personality.

“I’d tell her to sell her Coach purse,” one Reddit user replied. Many others readily agreed that that was the best option.

“Especially if she thinks ‘when you come from nothing things like that don’t impress me,'” another user added. “That’s some bullsh**. I grew up dirt poor; having nice things and having the ability to keep those nice things is awesome. But yeah, absolutely sell that bag that doesn’t impress you or mean anything to your ego.”

Do you agree with Reddit here? Let everyone know what you’re thinking in the comments.

Reddit users admit to caring more about difficult patients more than success cases

In other Reddit threads, many My 600-Lb. Life viewers admitted that they weren’t that impressed with recent seasons. But others confessed that they were really just interested in the rude and difficult patients.

“This is gonna sound bad but I only watch the episodes where the patients are horrible 😬 I find them more interesting than the ones where patients put in effort,” they confessed.

What are your thoughts about the latest My 600-Lb. Life seasons? Leave ideas in the comments below and follow TV Shows Ace online for more information.

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