Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott via Instagram

Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott Married With Unusual Wedding Detail

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Big Brother stars Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are finally married. The two tied the knot Memorial Day weekend after meeting Labor Day weekend on Big Brother All-Stars. The details surrounding their wedding are very interesting and not very common. Keep reading to find out more.

Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are married

E!News shared details about the Big Brother All-Stars wedding where Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott finally wed. The couple got engaged last June and now less than a year later are husband and wife.

Memphis and Christmas said their vows in an intimate ceremony at the State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Georgia. They tied the knot on Saturday, May 28.

The newlyweds looked stunning in photos shared. Memphis wore Tom Ford while Christmas wore a stunning gown from Laura Nagle. They exchanged wedding rings from Adam Campbella and David Yurman.

Surrounded by family and friends the two vowed to be the final two forever.

Christmas and Memphis via INsta

Memphis went to Instagram to share the big news. He shared an incredible video of them and said, “The world watched us meet, become best friends, fall in love and now be married!!!!! Forever has begun! ❤️ Special THANKS to @saena_fineart for this incredible video!!!!! The tears were rolling!!! #bigbrother #final2forever #allstarcouple #savannahgeorgia”

Christmas shared the same post.

The unusual fact about their wedding

Normally, it’s the bride who plans the wedding. In this case, it was the groom. Christmas wanted to go to the courthouse and get married. Memphis convinced her to go all out and be bigger. So, he planned their wedding while Christmas sat back and enjoyed the ride.

She said, “He wanted to have our family and friends celebrate our love and feel the love of that experience.” Christmas continued, “We chatted about a few ideas and then he planned it all! What he created was breathtaking. It’s what he does and he is excellent at it. Marrying him is the best blessing, the wedding is a bonus!”

Both are excited to be marrying each other. Memphis said, “What excites me most about marrying Christmas is I get to spend the rest of my life with her!” He continued, “When you find something like that, you don’t ever want to let that go. She is my forever girl.”

Christmas echoed his sentiments. He said, “I get to be with the person that God created just for me! After meeting him, it became clear to me that God had a plan from the very start. I knew that everything that had happened in my life prepared me to meet him, so when I did, I would know he’s my person without a doubt. He is my best friend and my HOME and I get to spend forever with him.”

Memphis also noted that he knew early on in the Big Brother house that he wanted to be with her. Speculation was flying during the All-Stars season that something was brewing between them. It turns out fans were right and everyone loves them together.

Congrats to the happy couple as they continue their lives as husband and wife.

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