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Is Maurissa Gunn Dating After Riley Christian?

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Bachelor in Paradise fans was hopeful Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian could make their relationship work. They hit it off immediately and even ended up in the boom boom room after their first date. Unfortunately, they didn’t last. They finally confirmed they were over. Now, fans are wanting to know if Maurissa is over yet and dating yet.

Is Maurissa Gunn dating again?

Maurissa Gunn is sharing with the world if she is back to dating after her split from Riley Christian. Bachelor Nation shared what she had to say.

Last month she shared that she’s not giving up on love. She wants to be married and find her man. She said, “I want Bachelor Nation to know that I’m still looking for love. Love is the most important thing to me. I want a husband. Seriously, it sucks!”

Now, Maurissa is sharing if she’s actually got back in the saddle and started dating again after her breakup. She appeared on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast where she revealed the answer.

As it turns out, Maurissa is dating again after Riley. She said, “I have started dating since my breakup. I’m ready. Getting back out there is all you can do, right? What am I gonna do, sit in my house and be depressed all day, every day? Nope, not me. Bye!”

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Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

She shared why it’s so much harder

Maurissa went on to say that dating outside of The Bachelor is hard. In the real world, things move at a much slower pace. She said, “It’s so much harder to date normally now in the real world after the pace of the show. It’s like if someone tells me I’m pretty, I’m ready to move in together and get married.”

She didn’t stop there with her explanation. Maurissa said, “Moving at a comfortable pace can be hard. Like, what is a comfortable pace? It depends on the relationship and the situation, like being trapped on a beach for six weeks together.”

Maurissa did not reveal if anyone she dating is getting serious or not yet. However, another alum may be getting back in the saddle as well.

Another single alum may be dating too

It seems Natasha Parker may also be dating someone special. She hinted but did not confirm. She also noted she can relate to Maurissa’s feelings about the pace making things different in the outside world.

What do you think about Maurissa and possibly even Natasha dating again?

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