‘Bachelor’ Fan Faves Predict ‘BIP’ Hookups

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Everyone’s favorite beach is back open for business as BIP returns with a new group of hotties looking for love. There have already been some rumors about who will be on the beach, and fans are so excited. Bachelor in Paradise gives contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette a second chance at love. However, it doesn’t always work for everyone who goes.

There’s always drama and you never know who will show up on the beach or who will find love. While fans have their favorite dream couples, the stars in Bachelor Nation have their ships to share. On the Click Bait podcast, three ladies who’ve been on the show talked about who they’d like to see get together. Tia Booth, Natasha Parker, and Maurissa Gunn all talked about who would be cute together.

Who Did The Three Ladies Want To See Hook Up On BIP?

Natasha said she’d be shocked if Rodney Mathews didn’t find his person on the beach. She said she’d heard all good things. According to Bachelor Nation, Maurissa agreed. She said, “I met Rodney briefly and I think I fell in love right in that moment.”

Maurissa found love with Riley Christian on the beach, but it didn’t last. Now fans are curious if she would try BIP again. She didn’t reveal anything during the podcast.

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She thinks Justin Glaze and Serene Russell would make a cute couple. The women agreed, and Tia said she loved Serene. They also felt like she would be cute with Brandon Jones. Some names that have been floated around that may be there are James Bonsall, Victoria Fuller, and even Peter Weber, which no one thinks is a good idea. Parker said if Victoria Fuller shows up things would be “interesting.”

Natasha Was Clear On Who Shouldn’t Go

Natasha Parker had strong opinions about who shouldn’t go on BIP. Maurissa asked if Blake Moynes might show up after his failed relationship with Bachelorette Katie Thurston. Parker said he should not. She thinks he should have gone after things didn’t work out for him with Tayshia Adams.

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Natasha may have a bad taste in her mouth from Paradise. She famously got played by Brendan Morais and Pieper James on the beach. Tia hit it off with Blake Monar initially, but they fought the entire time she was there. Tia is now engaged, however, so the bitterness from her BIP time is likely gone.

What do you think about the girls’ ideas for beach hookups? Do you agree Blake Moynes shouldn’t go? Do you think Victoria Fuller will cause drama? Who do you want to see on the beach this season?

Comment with your thoughts below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor in Paradise.

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