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Cheryl Burke & Matthew Lawrence Split May Go To Trial

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It’s never easy to go through a divorce. But it seems like the split between Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence just got a little more complex.

According to Us Weekly, Cheryl Burke requested that the divorce case head to trial. According to court documents obtained by the publication, both parties signed off on this request.

So what will happen once the divorce course to trial? Keep reading to learn more.

Why exactly does Cheryl Burke want to proceed to trial?

So far, it seemed like Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence amicably agreed to dissolve the marriage. Neither has slammed the other in the press. Even recently, Cheryl just simply admitted that people grow apart sometimes. So why exactly is the trial necessary?

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“Cheryl’s attorney filed a request for trial setting because he’s trying to push the other side to move and get things done,” Goldie Schon, a family law attorney from California, told Us Weekly about the latest development. “He’s trying to push it because it’s going to take probably three months to get a trial setting conference on [the] calendar — it’s an appointment to get the court to set a trial six months later. So, they’ll get a request for a trial setting conference probably in August or September to go to the courthouse to sit in front of the judge and get another date for the trial. This is not happening any time soon. They’re trying to get in front of a judge to resolve issues.”

In other words, Schon believes that the trial is happening to speed the process along a little bit. Divorces can often be long, painful procedures. Especially when there are a lot of assets involved.

The DWTS pro looks for love in the midst of her divorce

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence might be over. But that doesn’t mean that the 38-year-old is done with love for good. In fact, she’s jumping back in the saddle and ready to start dating.

Her new podcast, Burke In The Game, explores navigating the dating world after a divorce.

Dancing With The Stars‘ Cheryl Burke knows that a misstep in dancing means shaking it off, getting up on your feet and back onto the dance floor because each struggle is a stepping block to reach your true potential. The same goes for Cheryl in her personal life too,” the description for the new podcast reads.

Even though it sounds like Cheryl’s divorce is getting complicated, fans are happy to see that she’s keeping her head up and moving forward with her life anyway.

No one can say for sure if she will return to DWTS when it launches on Disney+ this fall. But fans are really hopeful they’re going to see a lot more of Cheryl Burke in the future.

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