‘Sister Wives’ Shocker: Kody & Robyn Brown At Bar In Leaked Footage?

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Amanda Lauren

Sister Wives fans had to watch Kody and Robyn Brown go crazy for two seasons over Covid. They went to great lengths with pandemic protocols. This ultimately divided the family and left him estranged from some of his children. Now, it seems the couple has completely forgotten about the pandemic for a night out.

Kody Divides The Sister Wives Households

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Kody Brown was rotating between three households. Though the family had a large lot of land in Coyote Pass, they had yet to build on it. His four wives all lived at a distance but he was not really seeing Meri very much. Kody decided he would be the only one to go from home to home to limit exposure. He set out very strict rules for the family, ones that Robyn and her five kids most definitely followed. Meri also abided by them but Janelle and Christine seemed to be the ones he struggled with. He felt that Janelle’s kids were disobedient since they were in school, and at work, deeming them too social.


As for Christine, she traveled too much for his liking. This caused a huge issue for the couple but she did not care as she had kids outside of Arizona. She and Janelle also preached that they followed the CDC’s guidelines but it was not enough for Kody. He rarely came by Janelle’s home and this caused major issues with her sons. They stood up to their father but he was too tone-deaf to listen. The only way for the family to gather for Christmas was to quarantine and get tested. Yet it was Kody and Robyn who brought the first case of Covid into the family with their nanny.

Pandemic And Partying?

It was the nanny who brought the first big scare into the home but luckily everyone was okay. In the end, Gabe, Garrison, and Kody did end up with Covid. According to Kody’s son with Christine, Paedon, his father never got vaccinated. Despite all of his fear-mongering, he remains unvaccinated which is clearly his choice but he and Robyn also like to go out. They were out shopping at Victoria’s Secret in a mall and now footage has been leaked of the Sister Wives couple.


They were out dancing at a bar on Tuesday evening. No word on whether he and Robyn have since gotten their shots or how crowded the bar was. His biggest issue during the pandemic was two of his kids had health conditions when they were younger, one of them with Robyn. Either way, it is pretty interesting that after all of Kody’s preaching, he chose a bar of all places to go out and have fun. Do you think this was wise or hypocritical? Let us know in the comments.




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  1. Kody is the worst parent. He went off on his children about it. Causing all this drama. Upset Christine meri and Janelle. Then asked Robyn to enforce it. An took such advantage of his fourth wife. He’s not cut out for being a parent. He was on the tell all running his mouth acting not like a man. Making the host say she was sorry. If you don’t like what your hearing. Then you need to change your own behaviors and stop ego tripping and treating your family like there trash. It is disgusting and makes you look even worse. But at the end of the day. He use to be a good person n cared about his wives. Now he is going out acting alot like Warren Jeff’s. If you don’t want people giving you bad reviews Kody. BE A REAL MAN. At the end of your life you have to answer for what you did in your trust tree. You nag more than a female drug addict on drugs. You get so fanatic uncut. Then you run to the bar and bitch a fit. You say meri cheated on you. That was so dumb Kody she never even slept with the dude. You are the biggest loser and a weak mined weak soul. A higher power will judge you one day. From what the viewers can see. You look like a uptight man that makes his butthole pucker everytime you have unmedicated mental illnesses. You need a intervention but none of your wives are willing to do so cause you get mouthy and twist everything make everything about Kody. Your hair is ugly and look like a weirdo. An you act like a weirdo. I hope karma finds you and your wives team up find another husband phase you out and keep you from your kids. I feel bad for your family. They have to put up with a crybaby father. I use to love the show now I won’t watch it til your not in it. You should quit the show cut your losses and leave your family go. Your only doing irreversible damages to all ages groups. In your life. You are the Problem.

  2. With everything else going on in the world why should I care about what they do? This so called “family” gives family a bad name. The only thing they are good for is a laugh

  3. I watched the show from the beginning, always rooted for this family. Until Kody pushed them all to move to AZ! Now he acts like he has no idea why everyone (except for Robin) is miserable. The move is what made them live so far apart in AZ. He would never admit this was his fault, a d seems to be the beginning of the end for the family as it was.
    As far as the Covid, he went waayyy overboard with the restrictions. I have no doubt that Robin’s kids followed his stupid rules…CONSIDERING THAT 2 OF THEM CANT HAVE JOBS OR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS! Almost all of the other kids are adults! He sure ended up willing to shit on the rest of his family in the end!! I really like Robin, and I think she is truly torn between Kody and the rest. I feel bad for her. I think Kody has been attracted to Robin since she came in to the family, and he makes excuses as to why the other relationships have died! He is no man in my book, sorry. Just like any man who abandons wives and kids for something better! Shame on him, he disgusts me!

  4. I hate to mention this but. . . Didn’t they move to AZ because Robyn’s oldest boy who has some “issues” got into college there? So. . . . I swear if you watch that season there is a SHIFT because ROBYN WANTED IT and no one really saw it coming!!! Kody the HEAD of his “homes” drank that koolaid and didn’t see the Dixie cup!! Kody just ran around the happy culdesac telling Mari, Jannell and Christine (who LOVED VEGAS, THEIR HOMES, ETC – it was ROBYN WHO HATED VEGAS!!!) Every one was devastated but. . . ROBYN!!! You guys don’t see Robyn as calculating as she REALLY is. I laugh every time she cries that the family fell apart. . . YOU DID THIS ROBYN !!! Happy now? In a few years he’s going to be bald, fat, OLD, PENNILESS AND IN NEED VIAGRA. . . .YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED ALL FOR YOUR SELF SISTER SINGLE WIFE!!! Do you have a job?

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