‘Sister Wives:’ Does Robyn Brown Have A Celebrity Look-A-Like?

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Robyn Brown may not be the most popular Sister Wives castmate, but many do believe that she’s very pretty. In fact, one Reddit user might even believe that she bears a resemblance to a Hollywood celebrity.

But who exactly is it? Keep reading to see what Reddit users discussed.

Does Robyn Brown bear a resemblance to this actress?

Many Sister Wives viewers have a distaste for Robyn for many reasons. They really don’t like how often she cries on camera and they feel like she was ultimately responsible for breaking up the family. It’s clear that Kody Brown plays favorites with his wives and his favoritism for Robyn often creates conflict in the house.

But which Hollywood actress does Reddit think she resembles?

Robyn Brown/TLC

“I thought Jodie Foster was Robin for a second,” the original Reddit poster said, sharing a photo of the actress. They do have similar hairstyles, but Jodie’s features appear much more mature than Robyn’s.

Jodie Foster/Reddit

However, it doesn’t feel as if many other users agreed with the original post.

“What did Jodie Foster ever do to you?” someone asked. Another Reddit user thought Robyn bore a stronger resemblance to another celebrity.

“When my son was young he thought Robyn looked like former congressman Paul Ryan and now I can’t unsee it,” said someone else. “When Mitt Romney picked Paul as his running mate in 2012, my son kept saying ‘Wobyn.'”

Paul Ryan/Instagram
Do you think that Robyn Brown bears a resemblance to either Jodie Foster or Paul Ryan? Be sure to leave your own opinions in the comments.

Did Kody Brown and his fourth wife break their own pandemic rules?

On Sister Wives, many members of the Brown family stated multiple times that they abstain from alcohol as part of their religion. But newly leaked footage has some fans raising their eyebrows.

Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted dancing together at a bar. And if that wasn’t bad enough, many fans pointed out that the bar was pretty crowded and the COVID-19 pandemic is still technically happening.

On the show, Kody made a huge deal about social distancing and isolation measures. He quarantined at Robyn’s house for the majority of the pandemic — which infuriated the rest of his family members. He even refused to see his daughter Ysabel when she prepared to undergo a very serious, painful corrective spine surgery.

It’s clear that he either changed his mind about crowds during the pandemic or just would rather be out in public with Robyn than with his daughter.

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