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‘Love In The Jungle’ Exclusive: Jordan Rosengarten Talks Turtle

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In TVShowsAce’s latest Love In The Jungle exclusive, cast member Jordan Rosengarten sat down with us to talk turtle. During our chat with Jordan, we discussed how he decided his persona matched perfectly with a turtle, how difficult it was to be on a show where you can’t talk, how he told his family he was going to be on this show, and what kind of advice he had for future cast members if the series gets renewed.

What information did Jordan Rosengarten have to share with us about Love In The Jungle? Keep reading.

Love in The Jungle Jordan Rosengarten - Instgaram
Love in The Jungle Jordan Rosengarten – Instagram

How did Jordan Rosengarten explain this show to his loved ones?

There is no denying the concept of Discovery+’s Love In The Jungle is a bit strange. It is a social experiment that involves putting a group of sexy singles in the jungle and forbidding them from using their give of gab to get to know each other. Without talking, the cast members use animal sounds and body language to get to know people. How did Jordan tell his family he was going to be on this type of show and how did they react?

Jordan: Well my parents thought I was insane for being on a reality show, to begin with. They knew I liked attention, but this was a new level for them. Then I drop it on them that on the show we can’t speak to each other, and there’s this look of ‘you’re joking, right?'”

TvShowsAce also asked Jordan if his loved ones tuned in to watch the series as new episodes drop each week on Discovery+.

My family is fully engaged with the show which is hilarious because I come from a religious Jewish family. Who knew they liked reality TV? I’m constantly getting texts asking me who ends up with who etc. It cracks me up!” He responded. 

Love in The Jungle  Jordan Rosengarten - Instgaram

How difficult was not speaking, did anyone ever slip up?

Jordan: Everyone on the show was extremely attractive but I’m the type of guy who uses his gift of gab to win people over. Once you take that away, I look like a brainless gym rat. So it was definitely a challenge to show the ladies that I was more than a bearded Viking. Every now and then someone would let a word slip out…I’m not naming names, but it would make everyone chuckle.”

Did Jordan Rosengarten learn anything about himself or about love?

The goal of this social experiment is for the cast members to find their soul mates. Sadly, there is always an odd number forcing someone to leave the jungle at every pebble exchange. Did Love In The Jungle allow Jordan Rosengarten to learn anything about himself? Did he learn anything about love. Here’s what he had to say.

Jordan: Not being able to talk certainly forces you to listen more, which I think we can all benefit from. The nonverbal cues we give each other are fascinating and pretty honest.”

I think the main thing I learned from this experience is that I talk way too much.” He added

Love in The Jungle  Jordan Rosengarten - Instgaram

How did he keep track of cast members without talking?

For Love In The Jungle viewers, it is almost easier to refer to the cast members by their animal names as opposed to their actual given names. Did Jordan refer to his castmates by their animal names?

Not only was I referring to my fellow pack members by their animal names in my head, but the sound of their animal was pierced into my brain after the first day when everyone was making their animal noises. (I wish I knew what sound a turtle makes).”

Why did Jordan Rosengarten decide to be a turtle?

As Jordan mentioned, both his castmates and the viewers at home saw him as this large muscular bearded man. That description isn’t exactly what a person thinks when they think turtle. What made him decide this animal fit him best?

Jordan:For me a turtle was just obvious. First of all turtles have hard (muscular like) shells, but they’re soft on the inside. They’re also very resilient.  We have turtles walking around who have been here since the late 1800s. I mean despite everything that comes their way, these guys just keep going…I find that relatable.”

Jordan Rosengarten Instagram
Jordan Rosengarten Instagram

Does he have advice for future cast members of Love In The Jungle?

TvShowsAce asked Jordan Rosengarten if he had advice for future cast members should the series get renewed for another season. His advice was short and sweet.

Jordan: My Advice? Well more of a warning to the guys. Learn to cut your own hair. There’s no barbers in the jungle!” 

Have you watched Love In The Jungle on Discovery+ yet? What do you think about Jordan Rosengarten a.k.a. the turtle? Could you get your flirt on if your gift of gab was taken from you? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest!


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