Temptation Island: Ash Lamiroult & Hania Stocker Still Together? [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

‘Temptation Island’: Are Hania Stocker & Ash Lamiroult Still Together?

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The Temptation Island season finale featured the two finale bonfires. The couples reunite for the first time in four weeks. They aired out their grievances and determine if they should leave the island together or go their own ways.  Wednesday’s night of the reality series was part two of the finale bonfires.

Last week, viewers were left with a cliffhanger. Lascelles Lagares made his decision. While Ashley wanted to work on their relationship, he wanted to pursue a relationship with Trace Winningham. Then Ashley changed her mind and decided to leave alone.

Then there was Hania Stocker and Ash Lamiroult. Hania planned to propose to Ash even though she’s made it clear to him that she’s moved on.

Temptation Island: Ash Lamiroult [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker’s journey

This couple was the most disconnected out of the Temptation Island couples. Hania wanted to explore an open relationship, something Ash didn’t want. She also had issues with his unfaithful ways. He was already sleeping with other women behind her back.

Also, Hania would introduce Ash to his friends and family as his friend. Ash was over Hania’s disrespectful ways. She quickly forged a connection with Taylor Patrick. Hania didn’t like watching them get close during the bonfires.

Temptation Island: Ash Lamiroult Turns Down Hania [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
He left almost every Temptation Island bonfire in tears. That’s when Hania realized that he really loved Ash and wanted her in his life. At the end of his journey, he went engagement ring shopping with Luke Wechselberger. He wanted to buy Ash a ring with the intention of proposing to her at the final bonfire.

“I got all the evidence I need now to really set my ego aside, and I know that I’m not afraid to express my feelings,” Hania said in his confessional interview. “I’m absolutely terrified her feelings have been growing in a different direction. I have to realize it is a possibility.”

Ash, on the other hand, was feeling “homicidal rage.” She couldn’t wait to rip into Hania. She admitted that she was tired of being nice to him. When they first met at the final bonfire, Ash expressed how she felt.

Temptation Island shocker: Hania left in tears

Ash really let Hania have it during the final bonfire. She didn’t disappoint Temptation Island fans. Ash was tired of apologizing for being herself. Hania apologized for the mistakes he made and the way he behaved throughout their relationship.

Despite Ash’s feelings, he dropped down to one knee and proposed. Hania claimed that he’s a “changed” man. But Ash denied his proposal and said she wanted to heal before pursuing things with anyone.

Temptation Island: Ash Lamiroult Not Impressed [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
She didn’t leave with Ash, but she didn’t leave with Taylor either. Ash left Temptation Island alone.

“I don’t do second chances. When someone tells you who they are the first time, believe them,” she said before making a brilliant exit.

She also showed up to the Temptation Island Season 4 reunion without either of them. Though Ash still talks to Hania, she admits that he has a lot of work to do on himself. She also revealed that Taylor gave her a fake phone number after the show. Ash seemed unimpressed with both men.

What are your thoughts on the Temptation Island Season 4 finale? Do you believe that Hania has changed? Do you think they’ll get back together? Sound off below in the comment section.

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