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‘MasterChef’: Real Or Scripted? Former Contestants Tell All

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There’s a lot to love about cooking competitions like MasterChef. But is any of it real? Or is it all just scripted?

Like all reality television shows, there’s definitely a little bit of staging involved with MasterChef. But one former contestant really spoke up about their experience on the show.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on one of the most popular cooking competitions on television.

Is MasterChef legit or staged? The answer isn’t quite so black and white

If MasterChef fans want to believe reports surrounding Season 2 contestant Ben Starr, everything about the cooking competition is fake.

MasterChef is entertainment,” media outlets reported that Starr wrote in a blog post. “First and foremost. It is not real. … It is highly engineered fiction … designed to keep you watching from episode to episode. … There is NOTHING real about reality TV.”

However, Ben Starr also published a follow-up blog post to the original critique. After many gossip websites published his words, he felt obligated to issue another statement.


“I want it made clear that I have NEVER spoken to ANYONE from the Daily Post or ANY other gossip rag…  I was not contacted about their article,” Starr claims. “This ‘breaking news’ article is pieced together from blog posts I wrote many years ago.  I was not asked permission to use any of the content they used.  And I find it amusing that while their article seems to condemn MasterChef, and reality TV in general, for piecing together content and presenting it completely out of context…that’s exactly what their article did.”

Starr goes on to say that his own experience on the show was really positive. So it doesn’t appear that there are clear answers about MasterChef‘s legitimacy at the moment.

Previous winners are still pretty active in their culinary careers

The truth about MasterChef is likely more complicated. Like any other reality TV show, it has to retain some element of staging and fabrication. But season winners tend to go on to experience healthy culinary careers.

Luca Manfè and Christine Hà both have pretty big social media followings and are still active in the kitchen. Christine won viewers’ hearts in Season 3 when she proved she could go toe to toe with anyone else in the kitchen, even though she is blind. In the end, she dominated the competition and proudly claimed the championship.

But at the end of the day, fans still really love the magic that MasterChef brings.

Will you keep watching Gordon Ramsay and the rest of the MasterChef crew? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace for the latest information on MasterChef and other reality TV news.

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