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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Confirms Josiah Has Dwarfism Like Siblings & Dad

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LPBW (Little People, Big Worldstar Tori Roloff has confirmed that her new baby, Josiah, has dwarfism like his other family members. Josiah’s siblings, Jackson and Lilah, and father, Zach, all have dwarfism. Keep reading to get all of the details that Tori has shared so far.

In case you missed it, Zach and Tori welcomed their third child to the world at the end of April. Josiah Luke seems like a happy and healthy baby boy. He is already very loved by his older siblings, Jackson, 5, and Lilah, 2.

Zach and Tori recently talked about how much their older children love helping with Josiah. The couple also talked about how easy of a baby he is.

Tori Roloff YouTube, LPBW

Since Josiah’s arrival, LPBW fans have been flooding Tori’s comments sections with just one question. They have been curious to know whether Josiah has dwarfism. Now, the couple has decided to share the truth with fans.

LPBW star Tori Roloff reveals her son Josiah’s diagnosis.

In an exclusive interview with Us WeeklyZach and Tori Roloff revealed that Josiah has dwarfism. The couple has made it very clear that this is “not his identity.”

Zach explained, “He’s Josiah. He has achondroplasia, but he’s not, like, Josiah the achondroplasia.” Achondroplasia is the same form of dwarfism that Zach, Jackson, and Lilah have.

Tori Roloff - Instagram
Tori Roloff – Instagram

Tori added, “Just like I’m Tori, I have brown hair. I’m not a brunette — like, that’s not how I would classify myself.”

Fortunately, over the years, the Roloffs have gained a lot of knowledge about achondroplasia and discovered helpful resources, as LPBW fans have seen on the show.

Because of this, they know what to expect going into this. It’s not all new to them. Tori explained, “It’s so normal to us. We have so many resources and there’s a lot of parents out there who don’t have the same resources and … don’t have the same confidence in everything that Zach and I do.”

Ultimately, fans, friends, and family are thankful that Josiah arrived safely and that he’s a healthy baby boy. And Tori and Zach have committed to continuing to be advocates for individuals with dwarfism.

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Zach said, “We will definitely be advocates for people with dwarfism cause of our kids.”

“Forever,” Tori confirmed.

So, do you like what Zach and Tori Roloff had to say about Josiah having dwarfism? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family.

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