Kody & Meri Brown Have Similar Views On Their Adult Children

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Kody and Meri Brown are very rarely in sync about anything. It seems the only thing that they could agree on was being extremely safe during the pandemic. Yet do they have similar views on how to handle children when they reach a certain age?

Kody And Meri Brown Attempt To Connect With The Elder Children

The Brown family started out with twelve children when they were introduced in 2010. It was clear the oldest kids were responsible beyond their years from the getgo. Second wife, Janelle’s oldest son, Logan was seen cooking breakfast for his five younger siblings every morning. Though third wife Christine was the primary homemaker, it was really the teenagers who helped ensure the single-family home ran smoothly. When Kody married his fourth wife Robyn and they all escaped from Utah to Las Vegas, each wife had their own home with their children. The wives took a brief trip together and Kody was “in charge.”


Yet it was really hard for him to watch all of his children because, by then, there were roughly fifteen kids. This meant the eldest child of each house had to be responsible for their siblings with the exception of Robyn. Her kids were still too young. Truely ended up falling ill and what seemed to be a flu was actually kidney failure. Since Aspyn was in charge, she blamed herself. It was clearly not on her at all. This is how these kids were groomed from the beginning, to be the adults before their time.


It is clear why the older kids move on and many are not really seen on the series that often. Logan is a prime example as is Aspyn. During the pandemic, Kody made it quite clear that once the children turned eighteen, they were on their own. This seemed to only be applicable to the kids he chose, most definitely not Robyn’s children. Does Meri, who has just one child with Kody, share this sentiment?

What To Do When They Turn 18?

It seemed so easy for Kody just to discard his children when they turned eighteen. Meri Brown seemingly has some similar feelings as a Reddit thread recently pointed out. It is not so much that she and Kody agree that once they hit eighteen, they are out on their own. Rather she becomes extremely disconnected from them beyond a certain age. Here’s what the thread had to say:


  • “I feel like she has the same issue that Kody does…Once the kids reach an age where they have their own opinions (around teenage years) she doesn’t know how to have a relationship with them (with the exception of Truely….I never saw Meri be the same way she was with Sol or Ari)”
  • “I think outside Mariah, Meri has no maternal instinct and no desire to have a bond with any of those kids.
  • “Meri seems like the type of person who enjoys and is good with little kids but is awkward around them once they’re like 10 and no longer little.”

Kody and Meri do have some connection issues. Once the kids become strong-willed enough, it is hard for Kody to handle because he wants it his way or the highway. As for Meri, she becomes a puppy around Kody so it is hard to tell if that relationship just hardened her.

Do you think they have similar views on their adult children and parenting them? Let us know in the comments.

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