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Josh Duggar’s Lawyers Fight For His Access To Adult Pornography

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Josh Duggar sentencing took place yesterday and it left his lawyers fighting for his access to adult pornography. According to an inside report from a Duggar Snark on Reddit, one “unusual condition” for his 20 years of supervised release included being barred from watching adult videos. The judge noted there was a concern adult pornography could be a gateway that encouraged Josh Duggar to re-offend.

Josh Duggar’s lawyers defend his right to adult pornography

According to the inside report, Josh Duggar’s right to view adult videos was one of two conditions his lawyers fought. On Reddit, Duggar Snarks had a field day with the fact that Josh’s legal team fought for his right to view adult videos. But, there were no objections to him not being able to see his own children without supervision for their safety.

One Duggar Snark penned mocking the entire thing: “Please sir. Our upstanding Christian and Godly man Joshua here needs access to adult porn. Not saying he’ll view it, because again, upstanding Godly man of God, but it’s outrageous you won’t let him have access.”

Another Duggar Snark chimed in to note that learning Josh’s lawyers were fighting for his right to view adult videos was their favorite part of the entire day.


What about his wife Anna?

Some Duggar Snarks speculated how awkward it must’ve been for Anna Duggar to sit in a courtroom and listen to her husband’s legal team fight for his right to video adult pornography. Some noted the whole thing was disrespectful to her. Others, however, noted she knew the man she married and she deserved everything she was feeling. “Eat sh*t,” many Duggar Snark penned in response to Anna’s feelings.

One Duggar Snark penned with the hopes that Anna lurked on Reddit: “And Anna, if you’re reading this- know that God’s will for your horrendous, filthy, vile and disgusting husband was done today. The judge did God’s work.”

Josh Duggar Twitter
Josh Duggar Twitter

Did Josh Duggar’s lawyers really fight for this?

Some Duggar Snarks admitted they found it a little hard to believe that Josh’s lawyers really objected and fought for his right to adult videos. One individual, however, squashed any doubt. The individual also shed some light on a pretty good potential reason why they fought the issue in the first place.

“I believe Josh’s lawyers objected to this because they know he won’t last 32.5 years not being able to look at porn. It just shows he isn’t redeemable, nor remorseful. And it’s highly likely he’ll be back in front of a judge someday,” the Duggar Snark argued.

Josh Duggar Twitter
Josh Duggar Twitter

The individual who spilled the official report on this noted the judge did shut down the objection and was unwilling to budge on the issue.

Are you surprised Josh Duggar’s lawyers fought for this? Let us know in the comments down below.

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