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Amy Roloff Serves Mushroom-Sized Shade At Ex-Husband Matt

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On this week’s episode of LPBWAmy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek invited her ex-husband Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler over for dinner. TLC shared a clip of their dining experience on Instagram. LPBW fans were quick to flood the comments with their thoughts on this exchange.

Did Amy Roloff serve some mushroom-sized shade in her ex-husband’s direction? Fans think so. And, they were here for this salty move. What happened exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Amy Roloff - LPBW - YouTube
Amy Roloff – LPBW – YouTube

Amy Roloff serves Matt with mushroom-sized shade

LPBW star Amy Roloff worked hard to prepare a delish meal for her sit down with Matt, Caryn, and her husband Chris. She talked about ingredients with Chris as she cooked. She noted that her ex-husband Matt didn’t like mushrooms as she swiftly put mushrooms into the dish she prepared to serve. Chris called attention to the mushrooms and questioned why she used them if she knew Matt didn’t like them. Amy shrugged it off noting she didn’t think anyone would really notice them.

Amy Roloff - LPBW - YouTube
Amy Roloff – LPBW – YouTube

LPBW fans were here for this salty side

Little People, Big World fans admit they were here for this salty side of Amy as they watched her serve Matt a dish of food containing ingredients she knew for a fact he didn’t like. Fans noted that Amy Roloff knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she prepared the meal. And, they loved that she went with it.

Most LPBW fans admitted they thought the whole dinner was “cringe” and didn’t understand why TLC continued to force these two couples to spend time together. Most LPBW fans love Amy and they love Matt too. They, however, agree that Matt and Amy just didn’t work as a couple anymore. With their children grown, Amy and Matt don’t really have to spend much time together. So, fans wish the network would quit bringing them together just for ratings or a storyline.

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Do you think Amy Roloff was purposely throwing some mushroom-sized shade at Matt Roloff? Or, do you believe she just really thought no one would notice the mushrooms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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  1. Love Amy she’s quite the spunky gal!!! Amy is a smart cookie, she knew exactly what she was doing when she put mushrooms in the dish she was serving Matt and Caryn for dinner. Good for Amy!!! Just eat the mushrooms Matt and tell Amy what a fantastic cook she is then take your skanky harlot back to the 2 story house she bought full well knowing that you couldn’t get up the stairs.
    Which is worse eating a couple of mushrooms that your ex-wife put in your food knowing that you don’t like mushrooms OR the skank buying a 2 story house knowing that you couldn’t get upstairs.
    I think you’d better keep an eye on skanky Caryn.

    1. Agree!!!! Matt is and has been a terrible person from the beginning. So now Zak needs to tell him to take his property and stick it!! Do people not remember Matt in the beginning?? Amy raised those children! Matt is fake and good he met his match!

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