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Will The Entire Cast Of ‘Survivor’ 42 Come Back To Play Again?

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Survivor has done plenty of thematic seasons throughout the years. Many of those seasons involve bringing back players from previous seasons to try again. Or to attempt to maintain their victor status. But never in the history of the show has an identical cast from one season been brought back to run the whole thing again. Could that possibly happen in the near future?

Long-time Survivor host Jeff Probst recently did an interview with EW to discuss the upcoming Season 42 finale. In the interview, he talks about the future of the show. And specifically, he brings up a desire to play with the exact cast of Season 42 all over again.

A Returnee Season Like No Other

survivor 42 full cast on the beach
Cast of Survivor 42. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“I would play another season again with them right now. Every one of them,” Jeff said in the interview.

The interview was mostly to discuss Jeff’s thoughts on Survivor 42’s final 5. Jeff raves about both the final 5 and Season 42’s cast as a whole. That’s when he mentions his willingness to do another season with the exact same cast at any time. It seems like Jeff was mostly just being histrionic about how deeply he enjoys this season. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Many fans believe the cast of Survivor 42 is what makes this season so good for so many. But Jeff’s passing comment is an interesting thought.

It would truly put the “social experiment” aspect of Survivor to the ultimate test to do an identical cast season. How would it play out with the exact same group competing against each other again? They’d have all the knowledge of each other’s games from their original season together. All betrayals, trusts, and lingering resentments would remain. Throw in a few of Survivor‘s signature ever-changing twists and the boot order would likely be completely different. Players who made it to the end before would have huge targets. And early boots like Zach and Marya would have the potential to slip through to the end as unassuming players.

Even if the comment from Jeff wasn’t entirely serious, this is an idea that should be seriously considered by CBS. It would be a Survivor season worth studying, no doubt. And what better cast to do it with than the cast of Season 42? Jeff said it best himself.

The Survivor 42 Finale

Survivor 42 is just at the close. As the finale is airing, Season 43 is currently filming down in Fiji. It’s always a shame going into the summer season and having no Survivor. But at least we know there’s a new season coming in the latter half of this year to keep us waiting in anticipation.

The Survivor Season 42 finale airs tonight.

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