‘Unexpected’ Star Jason Korpi’s ‘Free’, Any Takers?

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Unexpected star and menace Jason Korpi really believes he is something to be desired. He has boasted on his social media pages about boosting TLC’s ratings. Unfortunately, fans are so fed up with his behavior that they will do anything to get him fired. They are tired of his abusive and manipulative nature. Sadly, it does not look like he is going anywhere soon but he might be up for grabs. Any takers?

An Unexpected Hot Mess

When casting young expecting couples, TLC really did not know what they were in for with Jason and Kylen. Apparently, they had been warned regarding Jason’s behavior but nothing was taken seriously. Then the season began and he became the most despised cast member on the show. He alienated his baby mama Kylen from her parents who were desperate to see her and watch her become a mother. Furthermore, he chose where she would have the baby and dedicated almost all of her life.


He believed an epidural would get their baby hooked on drugs so he did not want her to have any fluids during labor. After so many hours and facing maternal hydration, Kylen was forced to go to a hospital. Her main option was an epidural which she defied Jason and got. This caused so much rage in him that he could not let go. He almost missed the birth of his baby because of his anger. Fans have petitioned to have him removed, begging TLC. Now a screengrab has him sharing some news but it’s doubtful anyone will bite.

Is Anyone Looking For Jason?

If you are in the market for someone who fits the bill of Jason, look no further. Someone posted a screengrab of the teen dad saying “I’m free ladies” on Reddit and a whole thread was started. Of course, it started with someone jokingly saying “the line starts here.” It soon spiraled out of control into a free-for-all.


  • “I would keep my daughter locked in my house forever if she brought this jerk home!”
  • “He styles his hair like he wears a wig and is too lazy to style the edges”
  • “No one wants you!!!”

There were also some comments as to how they cannot believe his parents would allow their family to be filmed. After how he behaves and his sense of entitlement, they should be embarrassed and ashamed. No word on when this scene is from but it should be interesting to see nonetheless.

Would you line up for Jason? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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