‘Unexpected’: Emersyn’s Hypocritical Mom Has Fans In Frenzy, Why?

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Unexpected fans are torn about Emersyn Potter’s mother Erica. Some think she is just trying to set proper ground rules. Others believe she is being just a tad too harsh. Now a thread has been started on Reddit noting a dose of hypocrisy stemming from Erica’s past. Can she ever acknowledge it so that they can come together as a family again?

Emersyn And Erica’s Unexpected Journey

When Emersyn first joined the show this season, she struggled a lot with her mother, Erica. At eighteen, Emersyn found out she was pregnant by her high school boyfriend, Mason. Erica initially agreed to let him come to stay with them but she had very strict rules. They most definitely could not share a bed at all. He had to sleep downstairs which was rough after Emersyn had their son Mateo. Interestingly enough, Erica was also pregnant at the same time as her daughter. It was not until after Mateo was born that the teens broke the cardinal rule of sleeping in the same bed.


Once Erica caught them, she basically banished Mason from the home. Emersyn decided to go live with her boyfriend and his family as they were much more open and accepting. More so, Mason wanted his girlfriend and son to be in a peaceful home, not one filled with chaos. This killed Erica as she has issues with Mason’s mother Shannon. She had been in prison for three years for drugs so Erica claimed she did not feel safe with Emersyn there. At the end of the day, it seems Erica and her daughter have a lot more in common than she is willing to admit. This has led to the thread of hypocrisy.

Two Peas In A Pod?

Emersyn’s mother has six children, her youngest was born a few months before Mateo. Erica is constantly telling her daughter what to do but Redditors pointed out that Emersyn is of legal age. So if she wants to move out and do her own thing, her mother has no say. Furthermore, Erica was actually a teen mom, as well so shouldn’t she understand? The fans seem to think so.


  • “You would think her mom would understand as she was in her shoes. Or was the father not there for her and now she’s bitter?”
  • “Erica torches Emerson of course she left. How do you judge your own daughter when you did the same exact thing?!?! Why not let mason stay in the room? Just ask them to keep the door open. She really did need help”

That’s not all. Redditors were quick to point out that it was Erica dropping her daughter off at Mason’s home prior to getting pregnant. “I don’t know why Erica is acting so high and mighty now, I remember in the first or second episode she said how Emmerson got pregnant at Ernie`s house and she used to drop her off there. She damn sure didn’t care what was going on then….,” one noted. Looks like it is only convenient for Erica to lecture when it suits her.

Do you think Erica is being hypocritical or trying to help Emersyn not repeat her mistakes? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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