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Justin Glaze Dishes On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Possibility

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It’s about time for the cast of the 2022 season of Bachelor in Paradise to be announced. There is one fan favorite that fans are hoping to see on the beaches and that is Justin Glaze. Fans fell in love with Justin and his hilarious expressions during Katie Thurstons’ season of The Bachelorette. Now, Justin is dishing on whether or not fans may be seeing him in Paradise. 

Justin Glaze dishes on possibility of ending up on the beach

Will Justin Glaze be heading to BIP this summer in hopes of finding love? He has some friends that he hangs out with often since he met them on Katie’s season as well. Perhaps a few of them will be heading to the beach as well. They are Andrew Spencer, Greg Grippo and Mike Planeta to name a few.

Bachelor Nation dished on what he had to say about going to the beach and what he’s looking for in a lady. Justin says he isn’t quite sure if he is even going to the beach yet or not.

This isn’t the first time he’s been asked to go on the show. Justin shared that they asked him last summer but he wasn’t ready. So, he turned them down. This year they reached out again.

Justin said, “This time, when they first reached out, I was talking to someone, so I wasn’t signing anything yet. But then, they reached back out and eventually I was single, so while I still have not decided officially yet, I might be there.”

What happens if he and a friend like the same woman?

Justin may not know if he’s for sure heading to the beach but just in case, Joe Amabile asked him what would happen if he and one of his best friends were interested in the same woman.

Justin said, “I don’t know what that dynamic is like yet. Honestly, I am in a different position because if I were to go, there’s no one single person I’m keyed in on. That may be the case for other people, but for me, I always want to have respectful conversations with my friends.”

Justin, Andrew and Greg via Insta

He went on to say that “So if he’s telling me that he’s super locked in on someone, I wouldn’t come down and swoop them day one. That being said, it has to go both ways. As time passes, if me and that girl naturally gravitate towards each other, another conversation has to be had.” For Justin, it’s all about communication.

He said if he does go to the beach he will enter BIP with an open mind.

What is Justin looking for in a woman?

Justin says he doesn’t want a boring routine. He likes to keep things spicy and exciting. He wants a woman who can challenge him and keep him on his toes. Plus, she has to be funny.

Are you hoping to see Justin on Bachelor in Paradise this summer?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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