Josh Duggar’s Cousin Amy King Asks For ‘Harshest’ Sentence: ’20 Years Isn’t Enough’

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Josh Duggar’s cousin Amy King shared a bold message ahead of his sentencing on Wednesday, May 25. She called for a harsh sentence and got emotional about all of the victims of child pornography. Keep reading to see what Amy has to say as her cousin is sentenced.

Since Josh was arrested in the spring of 2021, his cousin, Amy has been speaking out against him. Her mother, Deanna Duggar, who is Jim Bob’s sister, has recently been using her platform in a similar way.

Amy King, YouTube

Most recently, Amy urged Josh’s wife, Anna, to leave him and protect their seven children. She has also offered to support Anna and the kids.

Now, she has more to add to the conversation.

Josh Duggar’s Cousin Amy King Calls For Harsh Sentence: ’20 Years Isn’t Enough’

In a new Instagram post on Wednesday, May 25, Amy shared a letter she wrote to Judge Brooks but did not deliver to him. So, it wasn’t used by the prosecution when considering Josh’s sentencing. However, Amy read the letter and released the video to The Sun. She also posted it online.

You can listen to Amy’s full message on her Instagram page here.

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

In the video, Amy talked about the letters her famous relatives wrote to the judge about Josh Duggar’s character.

She said, “I am not interested in providing false character references for Josh as my other family members have so recklessly done.”

The Duggar cousin has claimed that she doesn’t think these letters actually came from Michelle and Anna Duggar.

She continued:

“Everyone’s lives have been altered because of what my cousin has done. As for Josh’s character, I am just so grateful that I was protected from my cousin as a child. 20 years isn’t enough. I truly believe that he will offend again, and my heart is with the victims and with you Judge Brooks.”

While reading the letter she wrote about Josh Duggar’s sentencing, Amy is tear-filled and gets very emotional. She points out that her relatives may not be thinking of the victims of his crimes.

Josh’s sentencing is on Wednesday, May 25, so his fate will soon be revealed. He’s facing up to 20 years behind bars.

So, what do you think of Amy King’s statement? Do you appreciate her speaking out about her cousin, Josh Duggar? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Duggar family news.

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  1. I personally agree with Amy, 12&1/2 years isn’t long enough! He will only serve 1&1/2 then be up for parole on good behavior. He’ll continue to do this again, it’s in his sickening mind.

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