‘Final Fantasy’ Unveils A Highly-Anticipated Animated Show This Week

final fantasy ix
Nick Davis

The Final Fantasy has been telling some of the greatest video game stories for the better part of 30 years. For many gamers, Final Fantasy was actually their first introduction to the idea that games could tell an emotional tale. For that reason, it’s always been said that the franchise has yet to impactfully translate into TV or film. All attempts in the past are not thought of particularly well by fans or critics. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

There’s an announcement coming. An announcement concerning one of the most popular games of the mainline 15, and it has fans extremely excited.

Final Fantasy IX – The Animated Series

Final Fantasy IX is generally thought of as one of the greatest games in the main series. It’s from the Playstation 1 era of FF games, which is thought of by many as the strongest era in the series’ 30-year tenure. So it brought excitement to JRPG fans everywhere when the announcement initially came that the epic story would be getting an animated series.

final fantasy ix screenshot
A shot from ‘Final Fantasy IX’ in 2000

The animation is being done by Cyber Group Studios. They’re an animation studio out of Paris. As such, they’ve mostly done French shows in the past, and thus don’t have a resume that includes many works the English-speaking world will know. As a result, many Final Fantasy fans are hesitant. There’s yet to be a good adaptation of any of the classic stories. And thus many have worries that this will simply be another in a long line of garbage fires that fans look back upon with horror.

But all of that is purely speculation. The first trailer for the show should be shown off sometime between now and the 27th of May. That’ll be our first chance to really scrutinize if this thing has a chance or none at all. Hopefully, Cyber Group is able to do this classic game justice. It’s about time that Final Fantasy fans had a show they could rally behind.

More Final Fantasy To Come?

If Final Fantasy IX the series became successful, it could potentially open the door for a number of FF adaptations in the future. There are 15 games in the main series, and each has a dedicated fanbase that would love to see a show or movie containing their beloved worlds and characters. Whether or not that becomes reality in the future may hinge upon this show’s success. No pressure.

The first look at the Final Fantasy IX animation is set to release sometime between now and the 27th. So the trailer should be hitting the internet very soon.

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