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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans Outraged By Lydia Plath, Here’s Why

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Welcome to Plathville fans are furious after seeing a recent video of Lydia Plath. They are unhappy with her recent actions and have a lot to say. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what happened.

The fourth season of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville kicked off on Tuesday, May 17. A new season means there is plenty of drama, laughter, tears, and more ahead for the Plath family. Already, there’s a lot going on for the Plaths. From Kim Plath’s mid-life crisis to Moriah’s heartbreaking split from Max Kallschmidt, the show is off to a wild start.

Welcome to Plathville, YouTube

So, what has Lydia done that’s caught TLC fans’ attention?

Sisters Lydia and Moriah Plath have an important chat.

On Tuesday, May 24, TLC posted a clip from the newest episode of Welcome to Plathville. In the clip, sisters Moriah and Lydia sit down for an important discussion. In the scene, Moriah talks to her sister about her recent split from Max Kallschmidt.

After Lydia learns of Moriah and Max’s breakup, she asks an odd question. She asks if Moriah would be okay with her inviting Max to hang out with her friend group. 

Moriah admits, “Lydia’s response was quite different than what I expected. I don’t know, I feel like, as a sister, I kinda wanted to feel more support in that area.” 

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You can check out the clip here.

Welcome to Plathville fans react to Lydia’s actions.

In the comments section of TLC’s newest clip of Welcome to Plathville, fans have a lot to say. One says, “So wrong of Lydia.”

Another adds, “Why does it looks like Lydia is secretly happy that her sister got dumped? Or she’s been praying for max to be her? She don’t have an ounce to sorry for her sister at all.”

“I think Lydia wants Max for herself 😡💔😔,” comments another.

Others are calling her selfish. Someone else ponders, “Does Lydia want max for herself now wtf?”

Lydia Plath Instagram
Lydia Plath Instagram

So, what do you think happened with Lydia Plath? Are you bothered by her reaction, or do you think it’s nothing to worry about? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Plath family updates.

Plus, don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville Season 4 on Tuesdays on TLC. You can watch Moriah and Lydia’s full conversation and see what it’s all about.

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  1. I struggle with this myself. My brother breaks up with a woman, and I have to hate her and all her friends. In some cases, pretty strong bonds are formed.
    Usually, when I break up, it’s pretty amicable, so we still part as friends. But in a case like Max, Lydia would be wrong to continue a friendship with the man who cheated on her sister. Mariah was pretty broke up over the whole thing, and Lydia should be more sensitive to her sister’s feelings. Thank you.

  2. My comment is for the father Barry let your wife go you find somebody way better than her she’s just trying to take all the attention away from the family to be the star of the show she should to be ashamed of herself she got a free ride in life from you an is ungrateful get rid of her I would

  3. It bothers me that their mom and dad discuss their marital prob. with their kids. That is not normal at all to the length they are taking it. Kim will and does make all the prob. she can be the center of the show. No matter what the cost. She needs physic. care, something is bad wrong with her. Berry needs to man up, and Myriah needs to stop whining so much. I understand she has prob. but my lord, not 24 hrs. a day. Jeez! I feel the younger children is not chimed in with their parents very well. Also, the older ones are not either unless it is about Kim and Berry. GoshPlat’s keep you personal marital prob. between you two. Kim also needs a huge attitude adj. Olivia needs not to be so harsh about anything She is really getting to be a smart ass. She is kinda like she knows it all.

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