‘Unexpected’ Fans Support Jenna Ronan Ditching Aden?

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Unexpected fans have watched the saga of Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright. They worked through becoming teen parents together. Yet it seems they just weren’t meant to be and Jenna finally realized that. Have fans of the hit reality series rallied around Jenna during her decision to leave Aden?

An Unexpected Pregnancy

Viewers met Jenna in Season 4 of TLC’s hit series. She had gotten pregnant by her high school love, Aden. He was not a fan of protection so he led her to believe that men ovulated just like women. This proved to be false when they learned that they were expecting. She had their son Luca and it was vital that they make the relationship work. Jenna grew up in a broken home so she wanted to keep her family together at all costs. In Season 5, she was still doing her best with Aden even though it was a struggle. She loved him but he could be difficult. He proved to really be tough when a family trip was planned.


They all went off to the beach but it was quite different than any other vacation. Jenna’s mother, Heather came along with her dad, Matt, and his wife, Cathy. It was a new dynamic but Matt really wanted to get along with Heather for Jenna’s sake. Though it was awkward, Jenna did appreciate the effort. However, Aden secluded himself in a room upstairs and did not really care to come out or partake in anything. For him, this was not a vacation, especially after he worked really hard. Jenna started to truly see he lacked the ability to just buck up and have put on a smile so it appears this ship has sunk.

Good For Jenna?

After seeing Jenna make this decision to end her relationship, fans took to Reddit to express their feelings. They are extremely supportive of this decision as expressed by many. “Aden in a nutshell. I don’t blame Jenna for leaving. All he has to back up his attitude is “i work” congrats? A lot of people work to support their families?” the thread started. It was followed up with this:


  • “Lol you don’t get points for doing the bare minimum”
  • “Great provider everything else he is just garbage. In the long run he probably won’t be able to be there emotionally for the baby. Cause he ain’t even emotionally available for himself. Man got issues he needs help”
  • “When I first saw Jenna on season 4 I expected not to like her very much but she proved me wrong.”
  • “He calls her names … like “idiot”. That’s very hurtful and hard to watch. She needs to dump him.”

Essentially, no one really has any sympathy for Aden. Yes, he works but that does not mean he is worthy of her time in a relationship. Many think that she can do better and she will be just fine on her own. According to her social media, she has been living in her own apartment for some time now. Yet they do co-parent well so hopefully, everything stays on a good path for Luca.

Do you support Jenna leaving Aden? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. yes i do support her,i think he thinks thatwomen that stayhome dont do anythinganyway,so Iglad she realized that she needed space for herselfand her little boy.Hope all works out for her,Her mom is a bit weird,if she stays away from her Ithink it will be the best for her daughter and her,

  2. I think she is a complainer and nothing no man will do would be good enough. She is a brat an entitled brat who. She thinks the world revolves around. Your mother had 18 years to learn to be a good mother and you should know that now thallus are one. She is the rudest person I have ever seen be lucky your father is around. Stop complaining and grow up

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