‘Unexpected’ Fans Go Crazy Over Alex’s Baby Mama Drama

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Unexpected fans have watched as Tyra Boisseau tried to make things work with Alex Wilson. Despite his infidelity, she has welcomed him back into the home they share this season. Now it seems all is not great in paradise and the former teen mother is not afraid to tell it like it is.

An Unexpected Fantasy Gone Wrong

Getting pregnant as a teenager was not ideal but for Tyra, it worked out in its own way. She was super close with her younger sister Tiarra and cousin Taylor. Both had just become teen moms themselves as viewers saw when they joined in Season 3. Since the three girls had grown up together, they relished the idea of their kids growing up in the same way. Tyra was also determined to try to make it work with her boyfriend Alex. At the same time, she wanted to further her education. Therefore, she went off to college while Alex had most of the responsibilities when it came to their daughter Layla. Fans felt bad for Alex during this time.


When Tyra would come home, she seemed disconnected from him. Then the tables flipped and he ended up cheating on Tyra. She told her fans and followers not to give it much thought as she was moving on. Tyra claimed that she was happy and her life was good. By Season 5, he was back with Tyra but had gotten a girl he had been with pregnant. He admitted he thought he had wanted to be with her but that proved to be untrue. Tyra admitted he was back in her bed but that was all she would say. Yesterday, his new baby mama posted pics of him holding their new baby on her Instagram story. It did not take long for Tyra to head to TikTok to speak her mind and truth.

Tyra Goes Off, Fans Unload

After Alex’s baby mama, Hanna shared pics of him with their baby, Tyra went off on TikTok live. She claimed he only went to see the baby after Hanna filed for child support and more. Plus, she added that Hanna was initially a fan who had hit her up and then went for Alex. She also said she and Alex are over and that she is officially single. Tyra begged the fans to take him from her. Reddit went crazy after this transpired. They also could not believe he was back with Hanna after all that happened.


  • “Lol who knows if that’s true, or if Alex was just telling her anything. He plays both sides. Also, he has been cheating on tyra for years. Just because he tells her what she wants to hear doesnt mean anything. He said on national tv he couldnt see himself having a future with tyra as well.”
  • “You know what bothers me most about this guy? He’s always on his phone. It’s like him procreating isn’t anything to him but some background noise and he never lifts his head long enough to say or do anything meaningful”
  • “Tyra can do so much better than this.”

It will be interesting to see how the Alex/Tyra will drama will play out for the rest of the season. If it is not shown in the episodes, it is bound to come up at the tell-all. For now, it seems Tyra just wants to do her own thing and has absolutely no shame in her game.

Do you think she and Alex are really over for good? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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