‘Squid Game’ Creator Has A New Show Coming To Netflix

squid game henchmen
Nick Davis

Squid Game is the first South Korean TV show to reach widespread international acclaim and virality. It was an overnight phenomenon that has suddenly left its little-known stars and creators with newfound recognition. The creator, writer, and director of Squid Game has no intention of slowing down. His name is Hwang Dong-hyuk, and it seems as though he wants to capitalize on this worldwide love to the fullest extent. Not only is he working on Squid Game Season 2 right now, he’s also working on a movie with the title Killing Old People Club. And on top of that, he’s starting another show. He speaks about the show in an interview with Deadline.

Squid Game Satire

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‘Squid Game’ henchmen ascending the mind-bending staircase

Dong-hyuk says the show will be a satire of Squid Game‘s overnight wildfire success. The tentative title right now is The Best Show On The Planet. The man more than likely has a lot to let out and reveal about everything he’s seen since becoming one of the biggest South Korean writers and directors internationally in a matter of weeks. At Squid Game‘s peak in popularity, it was at the top of Netflix’s most-watched category in nearly every country where the service is available.

So the show will be about this sudden success. We know little more other than that it will be a comedy satire show. Whether Squid Game itself will make an appearance in the show or whether the show will utilize a fictional stand-in that sees equal success is yet unknown. Still, the premise is very interesting. And we undoubtedly know that Dong-hyuk is capable of bringing oddball ideas colorfully to life.

South Korea’s Biggest Star

South Korean content, in general, is skyrocketing onto the screens of the American public right now. Aside from Squid Game there are many other stars from the country gaining wild popularity in the west. Whether it be in the music scene with K-pop artists like BTS and BLACKPINK. Or in the feature film industry with director Bong Joon-ho winning an Oscar for his movie Parasite. It’s clear that Americans and Canadians want to hear what people from the small but densely-populated country have to say. And with more and more creators exploding in acclaim every year, we’ll certainly continue to recognize their work from now on.

Season 2 of Squid Game is set for release in late 2023 or early 2024. Killing Old People Club and The Best Show On The Planet have no release date as of right now.

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