‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Explosive Preview, Is Roberta Still With Merrifields?

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Seeking Sister Wife returns June 6th for Season 4. There are two returning couples and three new ones on the journey to add to their family. The preview for the new season is officially here and it is explosive. Who’s ready?

The Merrifields Are Seeking Sister Wife– Without Roberta?

When Season 3 ended, Dannielle and Garrick had flown their family down to Mexico to meet up with Roberta from Brazil. Due to Covid, she and Garrick decided to forego a wedding and head straight to babymaking. They did this without consulting Dannielle who was still grappling with having a new woman in the marriage. Fast forward to this season and they have not seen Bert in a year. The Merrifields still want to go forward with adding another wife to their family so they have met Lea. She seemingly fits in very well with the couple.


Unfortunately, Roberta is not happy about this development. She does not like the fact that Garrick is with another woman. Garrick and Dannielle make the decision to go see her in Brazil but it does not go as planned. Dannielle tells Bert that she was actually unsure of her from the beginning. It seems viewers will see a whole other side of Bert than the plucky happy woman from before. Will she stick with the family or is she gone for good?

The Joneses Seek Again

It was a rough road for Tosha and Sidian last season. After his wife left their marriage, it was just Tosha, Sidian, and his two children. The duo knew they wanted to bring in another wife but it was oddly hard. They tried to date through a pandemic but that was unsuccessful and no one matched their vibe. Ultimately, they went on a dating site and ended up meeting Alex who seemed fairly promising.


Sadly, she just could not give up her life to commit to theirs. Now they are back and are pursuing Arielle from the Philippines. As seen in the preview, Sidian goes on and on about how beautiful she is. He almost feels she is out of his league. It appears that if the romance continues, things could get rocky at home. Will she be the one?

New Couples Drama On Seeking Sister Wife

The Epps family is already the center of scandal due to the patriarch, Marcus. He’s involved with Taryn and India but they want to add to the family. As seen in the preview, the big issue is one that former star Dimitri Snowden faced. He is unsure when to bring intimacy into the new relationships. His wives are seen breaking down over all of this but it is what they have collectively wanted. As for the other two couples, there are issues with ages and children not being happy with the parent’s lifestyles.

This seems to be a very scandalous season and it truly makes sense why the Winder family is not on this year. It is definitely going to be interesting to see who makes it and who gives up the plural family journey.

Let us know your thoughts and watch Seeking Sister Wife on June 6th on TLC.


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