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‘LPBW’ Preview Amy Roloff Shares Her Sadness Over Jackson & Lilah

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In the latest LPBW (Little People, Big World) preview from TLC, Amy Roloff gets all emotional over Jackson and Lilah. The grandma admits that she’s feeling pretty sad over two of her grandkids. So, what’s going on and what has Amy feeling so emotional in the sneak peek?

In case you missed it, LPBW Season 23 premiered on TLC on Tuesday, May 17. Episode 2 premieres on Tuesday, May 24 and continues the Roloff family’s story. A major storyline in this season is the future of the farm and some pretty intense negotiations between Matt and Zach Roloff.

Of course, there’s plenty more ahead. This upcoming episode shows Amy’s emotions about her grandchildren. Scroll down to check it all out.

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Jackson and Lilah are two of Amy’s seven grandchildren. Tori and Zach Roloff have three kids now, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. Jacob and Isabel Roloff have one son, Mateo. And Jeremy and Audrey Roloff share Ember, Bode, and Radley. However, only Zach, Tori, and their kids are a part of LPBW these days.

LPBW: Amy Roloff gets emotional over her grandkids, Jackson and Lilah.

In the Tuesday, May 24 episode of Little People, Big World, Matt, Caryn Chandler, Amy, and Chris Marek sit down for dinner together.

LPBW stars Matt and Caryn, Amy and Chris
Matt and Caryn, Amy and Chris [Images @mattroloff
While they’re eating together, the topic of Zach and Tori’s move comes up.

Matt asks how Amy feels about it. The LPBW mother says, “You know, they need to make the choices that they think they need to make for their family. I may not agree with it. I am sad because I won’t see Jackson and Lilah as much. And as much as they say, ‘Oh, well, you know, you can come and see us and we’ll come and see you.'”

She continues, “I know, reality, when your kids get older and stuff, time just does warrant that.”

LPBW, Amy Roloff, Chris Marek

Finally, the LPBW star talks about the failed farm negotiations between Zach and Matt. She says, “I just really feel sad about this not working out. Because, to me, there’s a difference between negotiating with family and negotiating with some Joe Blow. It’s family. I’d rather sacrifice some business element for the sake of family.”

You can watch the preview here.

So, will you be tuning in to watch the newest episode of Little People, Big World? What do you think of the latest preview for the Tuesday, May 24 episode of the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news.

Don’t miss new LPBW episodes every Tuesday on TLC.

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  1. I think Matt is very bullheaded when it came to his son Zach and negotiations. Thats his son for Gods sake. Now he has caused a lot of pain. Caryn needs to keep her big mouth out of it. She should have no say so in it anyway. I will probably not watch it anymore. I can’t stand greed. And that’s what has happened to Matt. Probably because of Caryn. Now Amy has lost part of her children. Shame on you Matt.

    1. Why does everyone always blame Matt? He and his son could not come to an agreement about the farm and Zacks response is to move? Come on…don’t but this on Matt, put it on Zack he is the one taking the kids away. If you watch this show the other kids have moved away and started their lives and careers…but Zack is still there soaking up the reality TV money. He in my opinion he is very lazy.

      1. Zach just wants the North Part of the Farm it’s that thing Matt is going with that told him not to do it so lay off Zach

      2. I thought so too. one leaves the nest and begins one of their own. Parents keep matrimonial home for aging future. Zach did stick around longer but it’s natural to move away because that family heirloom scenario was all TV talk

      3. Look at it this way…if Matt were to die today, his kids would inherit the farm dor free. The fact that Zach was willing to pay what Matt bought the land from Amy for was a good thing. I don’t think most kids would even start the price there, most would feel entitled. Matt has always been this lone wolf that thinks everyone is out to foil him and his plan. Give him time he will rurn on Caryn too; just wait.

    2. Takes two to tango!!!! Amy is certainly no prize by any stretch of the imagination. Zach is no businessman by any means and I don’t think he has the know-how on running the farm business

      1. Wouldn’t this have been the best time for Matt ro train him? At least he was willing to pay for the land when the others are just waiting to inherit the land.

    3. I agree why is Caryn part of this? Her response, We can’t do that” she should have no part or even had been there. It should have been Matt and Zach and Tori. Caryn has her meat hooks after the farm and Matt’s worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Matt is all business it’s sad he could of made a deal and watched his grandkids grow up on the farm. He gave that up and more, shame on Matt.

  2. I think Zack and Tori are being immature! Did he expect his dad to give him the farm? Zack doesn’t even have a job!

      1. Zack is worthless. Why should Matt sell him the for what it is worth. There are 3 other kids. Zack is a bum he hasi lived off of Matt and Amy his whole life. No job. What a coward. Had Jackson tell Matt they were moving.

    1. Why do you think that Zack and Tori thought he was going to give him the farm ? He made him an offer and he didn’t accept it because he knows that real estate has went up considerably and he thinks that his son should pay what everybody else is going to pay. And like Amy said you don’t do that when it comes to your family and your kids. And as far as him having a job, would you not call him a celebrity of sort? Seriously you know he gets paid for the show just like everybody else. Get off his back about having a job. He’s taking care of his family and gets paid by the show.

    2. No one knows what Zach does off camera. These reality people say it all the time “the whole story is never shown”. He may be doing what Amy did with public speaking, who knows. Not me.

  3. I would think Matt would want to leave it in the family with Zack. His kids worked the farm all their lives of course Zack knows how to run the farm..It was just greed. So sad!

  4. Haven’t trusted Matt from the beginning, always spending money on his projects and telling the kinds to not tell their mother.

    Talked for a decade about the family carrying on the farm. But money is more important to him than family.

    1. I thought that golg digger was going to throw him outta that chair when they were in the woods. It would have served him right putting her before his kids.]

  5. I think Matt is wrong. He should
    want his children to have the farm. You can’t take the money with you when you’re gone. Caryn needs to stay out of family business. She’s just a girlfriend. SAD

  6. Carman shouldn’t have any thing to say about the farm,She didn’t build it she was just a worker in pumpkin pretty sure Zack knew he would have to put money in it.Mat rushed Amy to sell her half he hound her.i would have not sold him not one acre. She was there forb30 years not caryn.She just out for what she can get.

  7. l agree ever wonder about matt and caryn .She was there all the time and step rigth in went amy left .He never let amy tell him what to do. But caryn has a ring in his nose like a bull it funny went you think about.Ha ha !love ya Amy👍

  8. If Matt is so concerned about what is fair for all four (Adult) children why doesn’t he hold a meeting with them (just them) and see what they want to see done with the farm. They can all speak and perhaps make offers if they want to live on the farm or take their ($$$). They all made the farm what it is today and Matt is the only one making $$ off of it. Even Amy continues to contribute to pumpkin season by dressing up and taking pictures with guests.

  9. If Matt is so concerned about what is fair for all four (Adult) children why doesn’t he hold a meeting with them (just them) and see what they want to see done with the farm. They can all speak and perhaps make offers if they want to live on the farm or take their ($$$). They all made the farm what it is today and Matt is the only one making $$ off of it. Even Amy continues to contribute to pumpkin season by dressing up and taking pictures with guests. Matt should give his head a shake they’ve all created a legacy that should stay in the family.

  10. He only is selling a small part of farm the size is very large so there is much land left hope that can come to a decision calmly.

  11. People, Neither Zack or Tori have a job, or any job skills. They are living off of their Reality Show income. That farm is worth a fortune. Acreage in that area goes for $500,000 an area. Zack even went as far as to use his children in the negotiation. And remember, there are three other siblings who also have an interest in the farm. Zack was just trying to make an end run to screw his siblings out of their rights to the farm.

  12. I have watched this show from beginning. Matt always said wanted his children take over that was until newlady started there together but not married. So technically she has no say. She did say her family let things go but Matt family doesn’t. She only watch for herself to make sure she gets all of it.

  13. I’ve had enough of Matt’s control! Not watching the greedy guy anymore. Zach wasn’t asking for a gift but paying him. Hope he doesn’t get to see any grandchildren!! He’s got his money hungry Caron that enough! She should be quiet. He doesn’t care about family is pretty evident. How did Amy put up with Matt all those years? She cared about her family was the reason m! Bye Matt! Enjoy your money but watch out Carron will end up with it all and you’ll be all alone and broke!

  14. For one Caryn is after Matt’s money etc.. Matt always said before he wanted to keep the farm in the family. Zach did offer to pay him and Zach knows how to work the farm and is not lazy. I think Zach and Tori moving away will be healthy for the family. Matt is controlling and money hungry and Caryn will probably end up with it All in the end.

  15. If the farm is sold there is no longer a draw for the children to come to visit. The reality TV show will be pretty sad without the kids. Let Tori and Zach start their own TV show on a new farm and write Matt out of the show.

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