Alleged Victim Of Jim Bob & Josh Duggar Comes Forth?

Jim Bob Duggar, Josh Duggar

An alleged victim of former TLC stars Jim Bob and Josh Duggar has now come forward. The alleged victim claims that he is friends with the Duggar family and that something happened between him, Jim Bob, and Josh. Keep reading to get all of the details.

The person who came forward is named Caleb Williams. You may recognize the name because he was rumored to be courting Jana Duggar several years ago. However, nothing came of these rumors, and Jana is still single as of now. Now, Caleb is allegedly linked to Jim Bob and Josh in another way.

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Josh Duggar allegedly tried to frame someone?

On Sunday, May 22 and Monday, May 23, Caleb sent out a series of tweets about the Josh Duggar case. In one tweet, he seems to suggest that Josh and Jim Bob might have tried to frame him. It doesn’t look like anything came of this alleged framing.

But now, Caleb is speaking out about what allegedly happened. He’s detailing the situation between himself, Jim Bob, and Josh.

He talks about Jim Bob not answering his phone calls several months ago. Then, he says, “Friends don’t frame friends with accusations of CASM.”

In another tweet, he talks about Josh Duggar’s wife. He writes, “My personal opinion: She has been convinced that I did it. The saddest part of that is her sitting in the courtroom and seeing a mountain of evidence to the contrary and seemingly ignoring it.”

Caleb also claims, “They were telling people in their circles that I did it.”

One more tweet from Caleb suggests he may be asked to remove these posts before too long. A couple of days later, they are still up, but it’s unclear if he’s received any messages asking him to take them down.

You can read through more of Caleb’s tweets here if you are interested. Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed and all of it allegedly happened. Jim Bob and Josh Duggar allegedly attempted to pin the crime on someone else months ago. However, Josh has since been found guilty and will be sentenced on Wednesday, May 25.

So, do you believe that Caleb Williams is linked to the Duggar family in this way? Had you heard anything about him before now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Josh Duggar.

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