Moriah Plath Devastated, Says She Can’t Love Again After Max

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Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath has split from her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. On the Plath family’s TLC show, fans had a chance to watch the relationship develop. The couple certainly seemed happy together. But that has since changed, and now Moriah is devastated.

So far, in Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville, there have not been too many details revealed about the breakup. It sounds like Moriah was seriously hurt by whatever happened.

In the upcoming episodes, fans should soon get more details about what’s going on and what caused the couple to break up.

Moriah Plath Instagram
Moriah Plath Instagram

TLC is now giving fans a peek at what’s ahead in the next episode of the show. And in this episode, Moriah Plath talks about her breakup and shares how she’s feeling these days. She’s just 19 years old and Max was her first real boyfriend, further complicating her feelings.

Moriah Plath shares her feelings after splitting from Max Kallschmidt.

In a new preview for the Tuesday, May 24 episode of Welcome to Plathville, Moriah sits down with her brother, Micah, and tells him what she’s going through. She shies away from telling him too many details, which he claims is her way of protecting Max.

However, she does express just how devastated she is because of this breakup. She’s crying while talking about this heavy topic.

Moriah Plath calls her ex “a great guy.” She admits that she “can’t love somebody else after Max. It’s not possible.” She calls him her “soulmate” and talks about how things were just meant to be. Teary-eyed Moriah says that she wanted to marry Max.

Then, the TLC star adds, “I know so many people are going to tell me that ‘there’s gonna be another guy’ or whatever, and, like, no. I’m sorry.”

Moriah Plath and Max via YouTube
Moriah Plath and Max via YouTube

From what Moriah Plath has told her brother Micah, he thinks that Max Kallschmidt cheated on her. But he respects the fact that this is deep and that she may not be ready to talk about it.

So, does this new clip make you sad for Moriah Plath? Are you interested in hearing every side of the story soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Plath family news. Don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays on TLC. You can catch the preview below.

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