Meri Brown Outdoes Herself With Hypocrisy, Fans Sick Of Her?

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Meri Brown has had Sister Wives viewers torn for a long time. They either really like her or find her to be desperate and pathetic. Have fans finally reached their limit with the businesswoman and reality star?

Meri Brown, Victim Or Beloved Sister Wife?

When viewers first met Meri in 2010, she was the proud first and legal wife of Kody. Though she had lost her job due to going public with her plural lifestyle, she still stayed very committed. The hardest part was fertility and the fact she had only given Kody one child, Mariah. Her sister wives, Janelle and Christine both had six children each. Fourth wife Robyn came in with three kids from a previous marriage and birthed two with Kody. As for Meri, this was something she struggled with as time went on and her choices became harder. Robyn offered to be a surrogate and IVF was an option. Yet, behind the scenes, her marriage to Kody was falling apart.


She was being pressured by Mariah and Kody to decide what she wanted to do in regards to having another baby. It was not that easy and she sunk into a dark hole that led her to the internet. She met someone but got catfished which nearly destroyed her relationship with her whole family. Mariah took a very long time to reconnect with her but her marriage with Kody was all but over. It was recently revealed they have not been intimate in almost a decade. She has no plans of leaving the family though fans think she deserves so much more. There is a lot of life left for her to live but she appears to be desperate by staying where she is. Are fans finally beyond sick of her?

The Hypocrisy Of Meri

Meri Brown shared how she spoke about courage and bravery. Her followers caught wind of this and immediately took to Reddit. They felt it was extremely hypocritical of her to speak on these topics. If she still has not left Kody then they do not want to hear what she has to say. Some believe she had to say these things as part of promoting her MLM. “This is probably just one of her MLM posts. Nothing of real substance. ‘Live love laugh’ bull**it,” one noted.


Others were just plain tired of Meri:

  • “Hmm…. She is not a person I would ever draw inspiration from.”
  • “Meri is the slowest to act of them all”
  • “For her, courage and bravery is staying when everyone tells her to leave.”
  • “she thinks she’s being brave by staying in a loveless marriage with someone who neglects her. to her that is bravery. I guarantee that’s what she’s thinking :/”

It looks like she needs to practice what she preaches or time will be up on Meri for some of her fans. Though she still has a very dedicated fanbase who will probably support her no matter what she does.

Do you think Meri is bordering on hypocrisy? Let us know in the comments.


Amanda Nowitz

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