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Lilah Roloff Disappears, Is She Okay?

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LPBW starlet Lilah Roloff disappears. Is she okay? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Feud between Zach and Matt affecting kids?

One of TLC’s longest-running reality shows returned to the airwaves in early May. LPBW kicked off its 23rd season following the Roloff family.

The show first debuted in 2006. Matt and Amy’s children are all grown up now with kids of their own. At this point, Zach and his wife Tori are the only ones still on the show. In fact, fans are hoping for a spin-off featuring their adorable kids Jackson and Lilah.

Zach and Tori recently welcomed another baby into their family. Josiah Luke was born in April. The happy occasion is marred by turmoil between Zach and Matt.

The Season 23 trailer revealed tension between the father and son over who will take over the farm when Matt retires.

The divide between Zach and his dad escalated after Matt’s post about negotiations over the sale falling apart.

Unable to buy part of the farm, Zach, Tori, and their children, moved from Oregon to Washington for a fresh start.

Is the tension between Matt and Zach affecting the kids? Is Zach’s feud with Matt somehow responsible for Lilah Roloff disappearing? Read on for all the details.

Lilah Roloff disappears, is she okay?

 LPBW fans may have noticed a sudden lack of Lilah Roloff photos on Tori’s Instagram. The majority of Tori’s social media content is cute photos of her three kids. Why did Lilah disappear?

A little girl earing sunglasses
Lilah Roloff/Credit: Zach Roloff Instagram

Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to share an explanation. Don’t worry, Lilah is totally fine. However, she’s in a certain toddler stage that many parents are familiar with.

According to Tori, Lilah no longer likes to wear clothing. “Lilah is at the stage of taking all her clothes off,” Tori shared. The mom-of-three went on to joke that Lilah’s new habit “makes for less laundry.”

But it also makes for “less sharing” of photos of her 2-year-old daughter.

Credit: Tori Roloff Instagram

Tori shares adorable photo of baby Josiah

While Tori may not be able to share photos of Lilah at the moment, she is more than happy to share some of Josiah. The LPBW star posted a snapshot to her Instagram Stories of the new baby snoozing away while Jackson and Zach spent time together outside.

See the adorable photo of Josiah.

Credit: Tori Roloff Instagram

Hopefully, Lilah will get over her latest phase soon so Tori can start sharing photos of her again.

New episodes of LPBW air Tuesdays on TLC.

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