Janelle Brown Celebrates A Special Family Birthday — Whose Is it?

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Janelle Brown definitely has several birthdays to keep track of. The Sister Wives star has six biological children of her own and several bonus kids through her sister wives.

The oldest Brown family grandchild, Axel, just celebrated his fifth birthday. But he’s not the only member of the family with a birthday this month.

Keep reading to see which member of the family Janelle celebrated this past weekend.

Janelle Brown had a great time celebrating a special birthday this weekend

Janelle Brown has a May birthday too. The TLC personality turned 53 on May 6, 2022. But this week, she’s happy to celebrate the birthday of one of her own kids.

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Logan Taylor Brown is the oldest Brown child. Kody and Janelle welcomed their son into the family on May 21, 1994. He turned 28 over the weekend and Janelle had the opportunity to celebrate with him over the weekend. And of course, he brought his fiancee Michelle along too.

“Not sure how my oldest is 28 years old! Celebrating his birthday this past weekend. Happy Birthday Logan! Looking forward to this next year with you and your lovely Michelle ❤️” Janelle shared the sweet birthday message with her Instagram followers.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

What an absolutely darling couple 💑” wrote one of Janelle’s followers. 

Happy Birthday Logan🎉🎉Lovely couple,” added another fan.

Back in February, Janelle revealed on Instagram that Logan and Michelle are building a home of their own in Las Vegas. In other words, she doesn’t see them as often as she would like. Janelle is often exploring the world on business, but her permanent residence is still in Arizona. So she probably really appreciated this sweet visit with the couple.

Logan Brown and his partner prefer to stay out of the spotlight

Many Sister Wives fans wonder about Logan Brown. He hasn’t been on the show much since he was a teenager and they miss him.

As an adult, Logan Brown values his privacy a little more than other members of his family. He’s been busy with his career and building a life with Michelle.

Though many fans suspected that Logan and Michelle are already married, it appears that they’re still just engaged. In April, Janelle Brown posted on Instagram that she had a chance to visit with the couple. Fans asked about the wedding in the comments section and Michelle confirmed it was scheduled for later this year.

Since Logan and Michelle lead such private lives, it doesn’t seem likely that TLC will film their wedding. But Janelle Brown and other members of the family will almost certainly post photos on their own Instagram pages.

Are you excited about Logan Brown’s future? Be sure to make your thoughts known in the comments. Follow TV Shows Ace online for more information on the Sister Wives family.

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