Dannielle Merrifield Shows Off Garrick’s Nipples, Fans Disgusted?

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Dannielle Merrifield has been parading her love for her ex-husband Garrick all over Instagram. The Seeking Sister Wife couple never posted pics together on social media. Now, they are grossing out fans with so much mush. Yet one of Dannielle’s latest intimate photos of Garrick might be too much.

Garrick Pushes Dannielle Merrifield To The Limit On Seeking Sister Wife

When the couple first appeared in Season 3, their relationship made little sense. Garrick and Dannielle had been struggling in their decade-long marriage for some time. He heard a calling from a higher power that they needed to add another wife to their relationship. This was not something that appealed to his wife whatsoever. Yet she wanted to make her husband happy so she prayed about it until she finally agreed to do it. So they went on a site to meet a potential sister wife. That was where they stumbled upon Roberta from Brazil. The family met up with her in Mexico where Garrick proposed on the second night.


When they returned, the couple got divorced so that Garrick could marry Roberta to make it easier for her to come to America. They returned to Mexico so Garrick and Bert could continue to bond. However, it was increasingly hard for Dannielle yet Garrick kept pushing it aside as he was smitten with Bert. They returned home where he hoped God would help her overcome her jealousy. In the end, everyone once again reunited in Mexico. Garrick and Bert were trying to fast-track their relationship and make a baby but no one knew what happened after that. Season 4 is around the corner and the Merrifields are set to return so they are making their presence very known.

Going Too Far?

Dannielle Merrifield only posted pictures of her kids or herself working out. She did a live on Instagram where she answered questions. Yet she was very vague about her relationship status and where they stood with Bert. Garrick was the same way and only shared photos of his children and some with Roberta. Now, that has all dramatically changed since the show has been renewed for another season and the Merrifields are back again. Both Garrick and Dannielle have posted a handful of photos, showcasing how much they love each other. It has actually made fans nauseated and a tad confused.


They went from being extremely distant to obsessed with each other. Earlier, Dannielle shared pics with her and Garrick in bed. That’s all well and good but one centered around a specific body part of his- Garrick’s nipples. Dannielle made sure to point them out in the photo, as well. Fans are completely repulsed by their sudden PDAs: “I feel so bad for their boys having disgusting parents like these two.” Another added: “Ones a creep and the other is so desperate to keep her man she’ll agree to anything.” It will be interesting to see how they are actually received once the season starts to air.

Are you sick of seeing them suddenly gush over each other? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife on June 6th on TLC.

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