‘Unexpected’: TLC Appeases Fans With Jason/Kylen Break?


Unexpected fans have spoken out quite loudly about their disdain for Jason Korpi. They have signed petitions and written to TLC. Yet nothing has happened to Jason and he will appear at the tell-all. However, it appears the network may have done something to appease disgruntled viewers.

Tired Of The Unexpected Abuse

When Season 5 premiered, viewers had no idea what they were getting. They knew some returning couples and their drama. Yet two new couples were joining the series. Emersyn came with her boyfriend Mason but it was her mom, Erica who caused the most issues in that situation. The second couple was Jason and Kylen but fans immediately could not stand Jason. He was not only controlling but manipulative. He dictated to Kylen what she could and could not do and how he wanted her to deliver their baby. Furthermore, he did not want her to see her family which was a big issue.


Then when it came to a hospital or home birth, Kylen felt safer in a hospital. This did not fly for Jason who felt he would have more control with home birth. Plus, he wanted it to be all-natural which it did not end up being. Due to her long labor, she had to go to the hospital and ended up opting for an epidural for the safety of their son. This killed Jason and caused such an issue that he was thrown out of the hospital. His behavior has been deemed so atrocious, that fans have either stopped watching or they want him gone. So what has the network done?

Appeasing The Viewers?

Last week, Kylen finally gave birth to her son, Xavier after almost fifty hours of labor. It was a huge deal as Jason was ultimately allowed back into the room with her. Obviously, as much as people dislike him, they do want to see what happened once the couple left the hospital and were back home. That did not happen. Instead, this week’s episode revolved around Noah having Covid right as Taylor was set to be induced. It was also heavy on the Jenna/Aden drama. Her family was truly the focus of the episode and that was really not a bad thing. Seeing them reunite was heartwarming. Plus, Jenna finally is finding her self-worth which is great.


Yet viewers were probably wondering where Kylen and Jason were. This is completely understandable. Though they will return next week, was their absence a way to appease angry fans? Did TLC purposely have a Kylen/Jason free episode to see how viewers would react to their absence? Is this the network’s way of saying that they are listening but the show will still go on? Time will tell but it was definitely a different vibe without them.

What did you think of the episode without Jason and Kylen? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Lauren

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