‘Unexpected’: Explaining Matt Ronan’s Blurred Out Tattoos

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Unexpected star Jenna Ronan’s father, Matt has a lot of tattoos. He seems to be pretty proud of all of the ink that he has accrued. However, some of it gets blurred out during episodes. What is the reason for this? Read on to find out the answer.

Meeting The Ronan Family On Unexpected 

Jenna joined the series in Season 4 along with her boyfriend Aden Albright. He was looked at as very slick but shameful. In order to get Jenna to not use protection, he came up with a ridiculous theory. He told her that men ovulated just like girls did. Therefore, he claimed he could tell when he was fertile so they did not need to use anything. Obviously, that was a ploy, and Jenna ended up pregnant with their son Luca. Since she had a tumultuous childhood with her parents not getting along, Jenna had to make her relationship work. She refused to let Luca grow up in a broken home.


This season, she and Aden are still struggling but her family is not. Her father Matt has decided to make amends with Heather, Jenna’s mom. This is great for Jenna because she can see that they can get along really well. In a twist, Matt, his new wife, Cathy, Heather, Jenna, and Aden all took a vacation to the beach. Though it started out a tad awkward, it was really healthy for Jenna to see her family being functional yet Aden moped upstairs the whole time. He killed the vibe while Jenna embraced the trip and tended to Luca. She is finally seeing she deserves much better than him, thanks to this vacation.

Matt Ronan, Dad And Tattoo Fan

The one thing about Jenna’s father Matt is that he really has been determined to make things better for his daughter. He reconciled with Heather for Jenna’s sake and it has been a true blessing. Furthermore, he has taken on this season’s young villain, Jason Korpi which fans are definitely not mad about. That should make for an interesting tell-all. Additionally, Matt is a fan of body art and he has a lot of tattoos, some of which have been blurred out by TLC. Yet why are they doing this? Starcasm has the answer.


Last season, the network blurred out a 3 Percenters tattoo he has. “I have a 3%er tattoo and the reason I got this was because I believe wholeheartedly in the 2nd amendment and I’m against Government OVEREACH!” It is seemingly gone now but that leaves another one to be blurred. This one is a Maltese cross with skulls and the reason behind the controversy is it could be looked at as having Nazi ties. Yet, Matt says his is connected to his time in the military. Apparently, a friend did it for them and though it did not go quite as planned, he would not change it for the world. It seems TLC feels the need to hide it just in case it gets misconstrued.

At least Matt is completely forthright about who he is. Do you mind his tattoos? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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