‘Unexpected’: Are Jason Korpi And Kylen Smith Returning To The Show?


Unexpected stars Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith have been controversial since Season 5 began. Fans have wanted TLC to take action and let  Jason go from the series. After the latest episode, has the couple been permanently taken off of the show?

What Is Unexpected Waiting For?

When the show returned for the new season, it introduced expectant parents Jason and Kylen. He was in complete control of the relationship and it was clear Kylen had no voice. Jason did not feel it was important that she was around her parents even though she wanted to see them. To him, he wanted to soak up time with his friends before they became parents. He also dictated what kind of birth she would have as he did not want her to deliver in a hospital. It was vital that he was thoroughly involved with the labor so he felt home birth was best. This was against what Kylen had hoped for. Yet she always went along with whatever Jason said.


Fans started to see this as manipulative and abusive. No longer did they want this on their television screens so petitions started to circulate. The goal was to get him removed from the show and not get paid for how awful he was. Then, some fans reached out to the network directly. It was time to let Jason go but it appeared he was not going anywhere. Soon, it was time for Kylen to go into labor and things just got worse on the show. Jason watched her in pain while she sat in the tub or he sat by and ate as she breathed through the contractions. Finally, she had to go to the hospital and needed to get the epidural he did not want her to have. This was when it truly went downhill.

Gone For Good?

First, Jason was removed from the hospital room for his bad behavior towards Kylen. The staff believed he was not creating a peaceful environment for her. Last week, he was welcomed back as long as he was calm and nice though he continued to tell her how horrible she was because she got the epidural. Then, this week, the couple was gone from the show. The focus was on Jenna and her family reconciling. It was also about her decision to possibly leave Aden after he showed he might not be a great partner.


Is this the end of Jason and Kylen? For fans of the show who want them gone, it appears it was just temporary. The couple will be back to their fighting ways next week. They will be leaving the hospital and fighting over the proper way to install a car seat or something where Jason is angry. In any case, they are in the preview and have not gone anywhere. This may have just been TLC testing the waters without them.

Were you hoping they were gone for good? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.



Amanda Lauren


  1. I am surprised Jason the Punk agrees to use a carseat! He probably thinks HE can keep the infant safer in his arms than in a car seat and leave Kylen to drive home from the hospital.

  2. Jason, needs to grow up; stop trying to control and get informed about birthing, pain, risk of medical emergencies. He clearly thinks it’s his body when it’s not! Jason, understand that it is not your body! It’s Kylen’s and you have no rights to it! Does your thick skull get that much?

  3. This PUNK NEEDS A GOOD OLE FASHIONED ASS KICKING! He’s a Malicious, Controlling, Spoiled, Self Centered, Unsympathetic, little prick. I don’t understand his parents @ all. What the HELL is wrong with them ALLOWING this kind of behavior. He’s old enough to go out & GET A JOB. Be SELVE SUPPORTING, GROW UP, & START TAKING CARE OF HIS RESPONSIBILITY’S! The other 1 NEEDS to go back home & do some SERIOUS SOUL SEARCHING! That baby didn’t ask to be brought into the by 2 IRRESPONSIBLE TEENS. It’s her JOB to protect her child! It’s not about either 1 of them anymore, it’s about the child NOW & FOREVER.2 immature people that CAN’T TAKE OF THEMSELVES so let’s bring an INNOCENT child into the mix! Also I could care less about the ratings! TLC NEEDS TO STEP UP & NOT ALLOW THIS BEHAVIOR with ANY of their guests! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

    1. You are 100% right. Im totally with you in this matter. Who the heck he thinks he is to treat her that way, for me was the moment he called her drug addict repeatedly for taking the pain killer.
      But he says that pot and alcohol is good because he uses all the time.
      Sorry but the moment they ask him to leave, the hospital should have called her mom, with out asking Kylen, shes a minor and completely under this jerk domain.
      I. Really hope she can see what her future is going to be next to him, and run the other way.

  4. Jason is egotistical, controlling, and immature!! He needs to be called out on his behavior!! She needs to grow up too, and start thinking for herself. I am sick of watching him!!

  5. I feel there’s so much information about childbirth, classes, ask the . OB be taking care of you. The nurses in the hospital have a lot of knowledge also. I would never let a man who’s never given birth tell me to not have an epidural.! Jason was a joke oh, very upsetting to see how he treated her!

  6. Jason Korpi is a very controlling person. Kylen needs to kick his butt to the curb! The way he treated her when she was in labor was horrible. Please remove him from the show. His actions are very disturbing.

  7. I would like to continue seeing them, I the hopes of seeing her leave him. Her family loves her and will help her with the baby.

  8. I had a hard time watching her painful labor while he refused pain meds for her. He’s rather narcissistic. But I think having them on the show with production crew might make him behave better

  9. When he beats her up TLC will be held accountable. Get him some help if he stays on the show. And she is a mother now,,that baby comes first,,she needs to take him to her Mother’s home,,she has millions of viewers who witnessed his abusive behavior.

  10. Just maybe they need to stay on the show so we the people that want to see it when she get tired of his sh__ . Personally, I would like to see it happen. She can’t put up with it much longer, she’ll get mad an leave him go to a parents. Just watch an see.

  11. It’s beyond difficult watching this abusive behavior. Can you imagine the kind of father he will be?
    As someone who is a state worker for DCS, the positive side of airing his horrible behavior is the fact that the abuse is brought forward for all to witness. It’s laying the foundation for any potential abuse reports that may show up in the future.
    And precious little Kylen needs to find her voice fast to protect that baby to give him the best life possible.
    Come on momma bear!

  12. Children’s services needs to step in and get that baby away until one of them is an adult. Their families are not the answer

  13. He is a horrible excuse of a human. His parents should be ashamed of themselves and his behavior. They Failed him. Who in their right mind dont allow even a check to see if shes dialated, or an IV. Hes to fricking stupid. No birthing classes, parenting classes or knowledge of the birth process. Nor does he care. The self proclaimed Raww Dogger ought to be sterilized. With no drugs allowed. What a pathetic excuse of a person. Waste of skin and space. Mom and Dad should hang the heads in shame

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