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’The Circle’: Alyssa & John ‘Carol’ Hook Up, Fans Ship Them

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The Circle Season 4 has been full of flirty and romantic conversations. Yu Ling and catfish Nathan had some very spicy conversations. Yu Ling also had a throuple with Alyssa and Bru. Both of whom are no longer in the game. Out of all the relationship potential within this season, nobody was expecting Alyssa and the catfish mom.

A Raunchy Museum Date

“The catfish mom”, of course, isn’t really a mother at all. It’s actually John. The New Jersey Italian who plays as his mother on the show and is almost immediately found to be a catfish by nearly every other contestant. He’s drawn to Alyssa early on within the season due to both of them having Italian roots. Paisans of a feather stick together, as the old saying goes.

Even though John and Alyssa’s relationship within the show was all based around a lie, it appears as if they’ve put that behind them in real life. John put a post on his Instagram account recently revealing that they even met up in real life to visit New York’s Museum of Sex.

john the circle season 4 instagram post
John (aka Carol) at the Museum of Sex, from his Instagram account

A visit to such a steamy locale has fans in the comments hardcore shipping John and Alyssa together. One of the top comments under the post reads “I’m straight ROOTING for y’all to date. You’re both so cute”. It’s interesting, considering it seems like John and Parker are the ones who have the hot connection when watching the show. Parker visits John after her eviction and they make plans to meet up after the show right there on the spot.

Alyssa also seems to have the hots for Bru in the season. She visits him after her elimination, and her first words after leaving his apartment are “He’s so hot”.  Regardless, it seems as though Alyssa and John are the ones who ended up working it out. It’s yet to be confirmed whether or not they’re actually dating. But a trip to the Museum of Sex together seems like a pretty good sign.

The Circle Season 4 Wraps Up

The Circle season 4 is nearing its completion. The finale episode will open up by showing us whether Nathan (Alex) or Eversen is the final eviction before the final 5 players. Those players will then have to do one final rating of each other to determine who wins this season. It seems like Yu Ling or James have it in the bag at this point, but anything can happen.

The finale for Season 4 of The Circle hits Netflix this Wednesday.

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