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Did Scott Disick Attend Kourtney & Travis Barker’s Italian Wedding?

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Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are married! They have now had three different weddings, however, the most recent one was the most fabulous. The couple had a big Italian wedding. However, fans are left wondering one thing. Was Scott Disick in attendance?

Did Scott Disick go to Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding?

Scott and Kourtney have a massive history together. Aside from dating for ten years, they also share three children. Despite their relationship status, they have always been amazing co-parents and best friends. However, recently that has changed quite a bit. On The Kardashians, Scott constantly talks about how he is now kicked out of the family and he and Kourtney are no longer close.

Seeing as Kourtney had her wedding in Italy this past weekend, some are wondering if Scott got to go to the ceremony or if he was left at home to miss yet another event.

According to The Sun, it seems Scott was left out once again. Many sources have reported that Scott was not invited to Kourtney’s big day.

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick from Youtube
Kourtney Kardashian | Youtube

While the decision was Kourtney’s to not have Scott there, it seems he wasn’t necessarily dying to be there anyway. Of course, it has to be hard to watch the love of your life marry someone else very happily.

“He’s not necessarily in a place where he wants to watch her get married,” a source says about Scott and the wedding. Because of that, Kourtney didn’t think he should be there.

“He just isn’t there emotionally yet. Kourtney wouldn’t want him there if he’s going to be weird about it.”

It’s easy to see why he struggles

Unfortunately for Scott, not only does he have to watch his best friend marry someone else, but he has to watch their constant PDA which has already been called out on The View.

“Of course, it’s awkward for Scott,” a source says about Scott. “He turns away any time he’s around them and they’re making out. It’s embarrassing and Travis and Kourtney act like no one’s in the room whenever they’re together.

On The Kardashians, Scott has been struggling quite a bit with being excluded from family happenings. After Kourtney got engaged, he also wondered if he would be invited to her wedding.

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