Newlyweds Tiffany & Lawson Bates Share Sweet Honeymoon Snap

Tiffany and Lawson Bates YouTube

Newlyweds Tiffany Espensen and Lawson Bates seem to be enjoying themselves on their honeymoon. After tying the knot in San Diego, California on Thursday, May 12, they set out on their first adventure as husband and wife. And now, they’ve shared a sneak peek with their followers. Scroll down to check out the sweet new snap.

Tiffany and Lawson Bates YouTube

Tiffany & Lawson Bates share a selfie from their honeymoon.

While on their honeymoon, Tiffany and Lawson hopped on Instagram on Sunday, May 22. They decided to share a quick photo with fans as they soaked up some quality time together. In the photo, Lawson is wearing a blue tee-shirt, while Tiffany is in a pink dress or top paired with pearl earrings.

They’re all smiles as they snuggle up for a picture. In the background, the sky is bright blue. It looks like the weather is perfect. The background doesn’t give away any details about their location, however.

Tiffany writes that they are “honeymoonin’.”

Tiffany Bates Instagram
Tiffany Bates Instagram

Tiffany and Lawson Bates’ didn’t reveal where they are on their honeymoon. It looks like they’re keeping it a secret for now.

So, they may share more details soon. For now, they’re enjoying this special time together.

Have the newlyweds shared any wedding details yet?

At this point, Tiffany and Lawson Bates haven’t shared much about their wedding. They each shared an Instagram post on May 13, which was the day after their wedding. But after that, they went silent on social media.

The rest of the Bates family has been active on social media. However, Lawson’s sister, Katie Bates Clark revealed that they aren’t allowed to post footage from the wedding just yet.

Katie and her husband, Travis, shared a video from their trip to San Diego. Along with posting the video to YouTube, they wrote, “Lawson requested that no one release footage of the rehearsal or wedding, but we still wanted to make a vlog and share our travel and adventures with you!”

Bringing Up Bates, Trace Bates Instagram
Bringing Up Bates, Trace Bates Instagram

It’s unclear when Lawson and Tiffany plan to share more photos and videos from their big day. So, fans should stay tuned.

So, are you eager to hear more about Tiffany and Lawson Bates’ wedding day and honeymoon? What do you think of the first snap they shared? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates family news.

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