‘Unexpected’: Fans Demand State Save Kylen From Jason?

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Unexpected fans are really worried about Kylen Smith’s safety. Though she claims she loves her baby daddy and boyfriend Jason Korpi, viewers don’t trust him. They feel he is abusive and manipulative, starting petitions to have him removed from the hit TLC series. Now fans are questioning if the state can intervene on behalf of Kylen.

Unexpected Fans Want Jason Gone

Jason was trouble before Season 5 even started. There were allegations of physical abuse due to holes punched in his wall that were seen in one of his TikTok videos. Still, the show went on and he was joined by his seventeen-year-old pregnant girlfriend. She deferred to him for absolutely everything and let him dictate her life. He kept her away from her parents as he felt they treated her like a child. Furthermore, he decided on her birth plan and did not think an epidural was proper. It was as if he was giving birth and not Kylen. Each week viewers grew even sicker with his behavior.


It reached a peak when she went into labor but he had her decline a cervical check. Then he was eating while she was in the birthing tub. The final straw was when she accepted an epidural for the safety of their baby. He threw a fit which got him thrown out of the hospital. Throughout her entire labor, he blamed her for everything and proceeded to berate her. Petitions have gone out trying to get TLC to remove him. Viewers have asked the network how they can allow this behavior on television. Now fans are questioning if the state can get involved if nothing else is being done.

Can Anyone Help?

Kylen has claimed that she loves Jason and is constantly blocking anyone who has anything negative to say. Some people are just genuinely concerned for her wellbeing. A Reddit thread was started asking if there is any way the state could step in based on the fact that she was seventeen when the show aired. Keep in mind that she might be eighteen by now so there is very little anyone can do. “Does anyone know if the state can step in? Or why they haven’t? In my state, say there’s a DV case, the state will step in and press charges, doesn’t matter if the victim wants to press charges or not,” the thread started.


“DCS Social Worker Here 🙋‍♀️ So to start…We don’t know that CPS is not involved, either investigating or offering services to the family. That is all confidential information so without one of them or a close family member telling the World about it, we wouldn’t know.” They also added that someone would actually have to report a problem for something to happen. Some added that they would be shocked if CPS was not already involved. It is actually really complex though everyone just wants Kylen and Xavier to be safe. That’s not too much to ask.

Do you think the state should step in based on what is shown on television? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.




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