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Matt Roloff Puts Farm Workers In Danger?

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Did LPBW star Matt Roloff put his farm workers in danger? Keep reading and we’ll explain why fans are concerned about the safety of the farm’s employees.

Daily work continues after Roloff Farms goes up for sale

Earlier this month, Jacob Roloff spilled the beans that the family farm featured on LPBW was up for sale. Days later, his father confirmed the news.

However, Matt clarified that only a portion of the farm is on the market. He’ll continue to live and work on the other section.

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Matt Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

Click here to read what that means for the future of the popular Pumpkin Season event.

Matt Roloff took to his Instagram over the weekend to show followers how work continues on the farm. “Wood chips flowing In…” he captioned a video of a tractor trailer dumping farm materials on the ground.

The video circles the truck to show fans the process. While many praised Matt’s work ethic, others called him out in the comments. Why?

Did Matt Roloff put farm workers in danger?

We nabbed a screenshot of the video, which shows several employees standing behind the truck. Matt and Amy’s youngest son, Jacob, can also be seen in the short clip.

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

One of Matt’s followers took to the comments to call him out for the lack of safety. “Is no one concerned with safety? That truck could easily tip over,” they wrote.

The Roloff family patriarch often interacts with his social media followers. He spotted the comment and replied to defend the safety of his employees.

He started off by agreeing that trucks like that can and do tip over. However, he noted that everyone present stayed in the ‘sweet spot’ where they would remain safe if an accident happened.

Roloff further elaborated that in his 30 years on the farm, only three trucks of this size have ‘caved over.’

He noted that it’s the truck drivers’ responsibility to ‘know the flat lift.’ It is the responsibility of spectators and farm workers to “stay out of harms [sic] way.

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

While Matt Roloff did a great job defending himself, another of his followers spoke up, as well. They said that they’ve always admired how much planning goes into Matt’s projects.

In response, the LPBW star wrote, “I’m very proud of our employees safety record over the years.” He also shared something his dad taught him – “You can Never Ever be too careful.”

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Backlash from LPBW fans too much for Matt?

In another social media post last week, Matt Roloff explained his decision to sell part of the farm. He claimed that his other sons, Zach and Jeremy, couldn’t come to an agreement on purchasing the land.

While Jeremy Roloff remained mum about his dad’s side of the story, Zach did not. He left a scathing reply calling his dad out for manipulating the narrative.

But if you look at the post on Matt Roloff’s Instagram, Zach’s comment is gone. In fact, all the comments are gone.

Did Matt Roloff return to the post and disable comments after backlash from LPBW fans? Click here to read Zach’s original comment and decide for yourself.

Do you think Matt Roloff put farm workers in danger in his latest video? Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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