‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Shares What She Identifies As?


Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik shared her true identity. She wants the viewers to stop judging her. Bialik will take over the podium for the next few months. Earlier this month, Ken Jennings announced that he was taking a step back from his hosting duties.

But, he promises to return before the end of the season. Bialik will be spending more time on television. With that comes criticism from viewers of the beloved quiz show. She’s already received criticism for her hosting style.

Now, Bialik is speaking out about the backlash over her wardrobe. She fought back at the critics while sharing what she identifies as.

Mayim Bialik's True Identity [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Mayim Bialik fights back at criticism over her wardrobe choices

In a new interview, Mayim Bialik talked about her hosting duties on Jeopardy! She called the coveted position a “nerd’s dream.” In August 2021, The Big Bang Theory star was the latest co-host of the syndicated show along with champ Ken Jennings. The gifted neuroscientist talked candidly about her love for the show.

“It’s incredible to be surrounded by the writers and researchers who work to create Jeopardy!” Mayim Bialik revealed to The Post at the Fox Upfront in New York. “And, yes, to work with contestants and people who know a tremendous, vast variety of information, it’s incredible.”

However, she’s received criticism over her wardrobe. The former child star doesn’t like all the focus on her looks, which comes with the territory when you work on television. Bialik wishes she didn’t have to dress up. She would like to wear a suit as most men do.

Mayim Bialik Loves Hosting Jeopardy [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“The fact is we don’t live in a culture when I can wear a gray suit and then a blue suit, but maybe next year we’ll see,” Mayim Bialik explained. “I don’t think anyone should think about it so much, especially me.”

The 46-year-old revealed herself to be “both a geek and a nerd.” She wants to express those parts of herself in her day-to-day life, especially during her time on Jeopardy! The Blossom star said that she doesn’t normally look like she does on the game show. She usually looks “like a normal nerd walking around the street.”

Will she become the new permanent host of Jeopardy?

Mayim Bialik may have left a big clue in the interview. She teased that she may share new looks next year. This comes amidst the rumors that Bialik will become the new permanent host of Jeopardy! Back in March, Bialik told ET that she’d “love” to host the show full-time.

She hopes that production will make a decision soon. Bialik received mixed reviews for her time behind the podium. Jeopardy! fans have shared their thoughts on whether she brings a fresh perspective to the show. There are also viewers who would prefer to see Jennings in the role previously made famous by the late Alex Trebek.

What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik’s wardrobe? Does it surprise you that she identifies as a nerd? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Mayim Bialik.

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  1. Mayim is a nerd…so what! She could host the show in her pajamas, I wouldn’t care! I think she’s given Jeopardy life!

        1. I’m right there with you, I can’t watch CBS anymore I use to watch almost everything,however I can’t watch her, then top it off they cancelled Magnum PI, very poor choices..

    1. I think she is great. The people who complain about her have issues with change I think. Jennings is good but he is just another guy in a suit. Time for a change.

      1. I like Mayim. She is fresh and you can tell she loves Jeopardy. She is a nerd. Let her be and let her host.

    2. I agree with you. I love her personality, quirkiness, her smile, her laughter, the way she is with the contestants.
      I like the way she dresses, it’s modest, and looks great on her. Who cares if she’s a nerd. I think she is a great asset on Jeopardy and I hope she becomes the permanent host. I think she brings life to Jeopardy.

    3. I think she’s a smart cookie and she communicates with the contestants in a fair and intelligent manner!!!

    4. I totally agree with you! I love Mayim as the host of Jeopardy. I couldn’t stand Ken Jennings as a contestant on the show, and never watched the weeks he hosted. He needs to stay gone! Btw, Mayim could host in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt and I would still watch Jeopardy.

    1. Jennings was and still is a very ignorant man and loves belittling people. Maxim is OK. Her problem is she tries to change things to her way. If you want the job, play by the rules not change them. Hard to believe out of all the people out there, they choose these two.

  2. She would be a great permanent host for Jeopardy!! She always looks nice.
    She is a Neuroscientist! I do not think of her as a nerd but an incredible and extremely talented woman!

      1. She certainly brings a breath of fresh air unlike Jennings! He has the personality of a turnip!

    1. everyone is not into clothes, as long as she is clean and don’t stink and can do the job, what’s wrong, the probelm is america would have to get used to a woman doing that job. i think she is great. it gives me a headache i don’t understand ppl’s hate because she is hosting with ken. if they make one permanent i would choose her. it’s not giving me any money so whomever

  3. Who cares who hosts, it’s a game show. Some of the contestants haven’t been the brightest. Mayim is doing fine, if you can do better put your application in.

  4. I don’t care what she wears or how she looks, but I do not like her hosting style. The Perky, Vivacious bit is way too much, and if she wants to show off her intelligence and knowledge, I hope she finds a more suitable venue that doesn’t smack of one-up-man-ship. I love the game of Jeopardy and have watch since the onset, but am ready to tune it out.

    1. Can you top this??? Not nice and doesn’t add any comic relief. Be real and don’t “can” jokes. Doesn’t work – especially for Jeopardy. Don’t be quirky.

    2. She brings flare to the the show.. yes it’s a classic show however does NOT hurt you’ve a little fun once in awhile .. loosen up. Live a little.

  5. I love Mayim.She is a perfect host. I don’t like Ken Jennings.I don’t watch it when he is on

  6. My hubby and I enjoy Mayim and hope she is the permanent choice. Her clothes are fine. Our only comment she has one pair of glasses that wear her—she doesn’t wear them.

  7. I prefer Ken Jennings over Mayim has difficulty standing still, shaking her head, slaking her messy uncombed hair, and flapping her hands. Just don’t like her style and always wearing a suit. Much too wiggly and slap happy

    1. I like her the way she is! Jennings has the personality of a turnip and does not interact with the contestants like Mayim. She is intelligent, caring and outgoing. If they choose Jennings as host, I will never watch again! In reference to her actions etc. at least she moves and isn’t a “wallflower”!

    2. It’s obvious from the way she moves her trunk the odd way that she does, is that her back, trunk, etc has been injured. Maybe in the same car accident that injured her hand. At least, THAT’s how I see it. But, I overlook that and concentrate on HER, as a person. I REALLY THINK SHE’S COOL ! Would LOVE to meet her. As far as being a nerd. NOT IN MY BOOK ! To me, a nerd, along with being very bookish and smart, doesn’t have a personality, has very limited social skills and does not relate well. ( Think SHELDON COOPER ). Now, SHELDON IS A NERD ! I think Mayim’s character on The Big Bang was KIND OF a nerd. Because, her way of dressing was nerdy, old fashioned, frumpy and with no pizazz. But, I also think she WAS and IS not a nerd because she has a vibrant, bubbly personality. THAT’S THE WAY I DEFINE NERD !

  8. With all that’s going in the world our concerns should not be on who is hosting or dressing for a game show!

  9. She is far better than Ken Jennings in every way!! Keep her permanently!
    Jennings acts like he doesn’t want to be there especially when he goes through the contestant’s introduction! He has a lisp that can be cured.
    He is definitely not the type of person to host the show!

  10. Mayim is a wonderful hostess on Jeopardy. She has a spectacular sense of humor!! Always joking with the contestants. Her wardrobe is classy as a host! Let up the great work interacting as you are doing!!

  11. What Mayim wears is not the issue. She should be able to wear choice of attire. What does matter is her hosting the show. I think she is very capable and is really knowledgeable about the the various topics covered. She brings a lightness of personality that makes the show interesting and relevant. Keep her !

  12. I don’t care what she wears she just is not the best choice fir host she is not good on being not the center of attention as was stated her flapping hands and wiggling neck are a detracting presentation and I don’t like her snotty attitud

  13. who cares what she identifies as she is a human being? Don’t care what she dresses like as long as she is covered. I don’t need to know or care. It’s her preferences or any other actresses or actors of what they do in their own house or in private.

  14. She has two other wardrobe choices, she could do as Rachel Maddow does and wear the same outfit (or very slight variations of it) everyday; or she could do as a former boss of mine did: she had a limited wardrobe of five or six very expensive (but conservative) outfits that she rotated among, buying, at most, one new outfit a year. Or she can dress as she pleases — she’ll never please everyone.

  15. We MUCH prefer Ken Jennings over Mayim as the host. As far as her wardrobe, she looks ridiculously frumpy. A nice ladies suit and blouse would suit her so much better. Alex Trebeck dressed classy, not geeky! Bring Ken back!

  16. The show is ruined. I can’t describe it but, between her and the odd contestants, I would rather play solitaire.

  17. I love Mayim, but would prefer if she identified the 1st and 2nd Double Jeopardy in the second round, rather than calling all of them “a double jeopardy.” Also, it’s nice when the host accepts the contestant’s bid, and announces, “In the category ____, here is your clue.” It just seems like she’s not making the effort.

  18. Mayim rocks as Jeopardy host! She is humble, connects with contestants, is very personable and relatable. I like the personality. Her manner of dress is just fine!

  19. I’d prefer a t-shirt and jeans. Then she might be more comfortable, less fidgety. I think her clothes are too confining and make her uptight. I think she’d do better if she could relax.9

  20. I think she is great ! I dont care what she wears !!! She has a good personality to host the show !! Ken. Jennings is very smart but his personality is different!! I think she connects with the contestants!! And tv audience!!! Just love her !!!

  21. All the controversy about host is a red herring. The truth is the show has degraded. Rather than the best and brightest being chosen to compete, there seems to be a new algorithm in place that marginally recognizes test results.

  22. She is who she is , I think she’s great for the show, great personality, interaction with audience and contestants. Leave her alone already. Keep up the good work Mayim, you are a credit to the show, don’t listen to the haters.

  23. She’s smarter than 99% of those leaving comments, myself included. Who cares what she wears? She’s articulate and educated. Win, win.

  24. Who cares what she’s wearing…she’s mostly standing behind a podium. I am a big fan of Mayim as a comedic actress, but I find her quirkiness annoying in the Jeopardy hosting role. She does not need to be constantly updating the scores, nor does she have to act surprised every time a daily double pops up. She knows it’s coming!! If they’re not going to make Ken the permanent host, I wish they would find someone totally new, someone who is not already a celebrity.

    1. I love her quirkiness.. it makes the show alive and not so dry.
      Alex had a quirk to him too.. ken.. not so much.

  25. I love her , she is funny, smart and relates well to the guests.
    We turn the channel when Ken is hosting. He has has a very dry sense of humour which we find unamusing.
    Please give her the permanent hosting job. She does a wonderful job.

  26. Go ahead and wear anything that pleases you Mayim. You are good on Jeopardy and that is all that counts.

  27. First off, who CARES if she’s a nerd or geek or whatever! For those doing it STOP criticizing her. It’s disgusting to criticize anyone.
    Secondly, the times are changing and it’s the sign of the times so, why NOT have a woman host jeopardy?! How will that hurt anyone?? She is educated, credible, used to the stage, she knows what she’s doing, and does it well. Her wardrobe shouldn’t have to do with anything about anything!
    I could care less if she wore a bathing suit and hosted in it.
    I’m not saying Ken isn’t a good host, he is, but in my opinion he doesn’t fit the shoes of Alex.. mayam has already made a legacy a long one and mark on the world since the 80s and 90s.
    All ken did was win a bunch a episodes and a bunch a money THATS it.
    That’s all he’s known for.
    So just because he’s the best contestant the shows ever had doesn’t mean he should be the shows permanent host.
    Plus MayaM is good with Long gravity too.. so we know she’ll be there to stay.

  28. She is completely disgusting. I refuse to watch when she is hosting, yet I always watch when Ken is there. She should go back to her show on fOXY and wear her weird, strange clothes, and leave us normal people alone. If, by some freak of nature, she is made the permanent host, I’ll never, ever watch Jeopardy! again. Yes, you strange people are in the minority.

  29. Mayim is great. Love watching her host. Her clorhes are perfect—great to see a woman on tv that doesn’t look fake and glammed up too much. Classy, respectful, and tasteful style in the clothes and hosting style.

  30. Mayim and Ken are both awesome in their own ways. Everyone would be different. We are lucky to have them both.

  31. After having read through the opinions regarding Mayim versus Ken, it seems that there are many Jeopardy viewers who just cannot accept the fact that no host will ever be as iconic as Alex was.
    Many comments compare these three to each other and that is so unfair. Each host has strengths and weaknesses and we must enjoy Jeopardy for what it is, a showcase for the contestants to display their knowledge.
    Please, folks. Enjoy the program for what it is; an entertaining experience where we, the audience can learn as well as be entertained no matter who the host is. I personally don’t care if the host is Mayim or Ken, though I do prefer Mayim. It is the contestants who are the true focus on any given show as they attempt to win some big cash. Really, could you do what Mattea or Ryan (current winner) or others have done? If not, just sit back and enjoy Jeopardy for what it is no matter the host. Eventually Ken and/or Mayim will be replaced as well. Will we have this discussion then as well?
    Be blessed.

  32. She should wear sun dresses and sandals to go with her personality and to give a new and refreshing look. Her hair would look casual short with soft bouncy curls (not too curly) to also match her sweet personality. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what she wears as long as (she) feels good about herself. I enjoy watching them both.

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