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‘The Circle:’ Yu Ling ’Personally Offended’ By Production?

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The Circle Season 4 is nearing the close. Every episode of the season is now out on Netflix except for the finale, which is coming this next Wednesday. Episode 11 of this newest batch of episodes has been stirring up some controversy, as well. The controversy is coming from two different areas. One is from a frightening portrait that has some fans claiming racism around social media. And the other comes directly from the Instagram account of one of the season’s best players, Yu Ling.

A Portrait And Some Missing Eyebrows

In Episode 11, there’s a challenge made with the intention of stirring up drama within the remaining players. Each player must paint a portrait of another, and then each portrait is shown anonymously. The challenge certainly does what it sets out to do. Several of the portraits cause a stir among the remaining 7. One, in particular, is getting cries of racism around social media. It is Eversen’s portrait of Yu Ling. A post on Reddit titled “I found Eversen’s portrait of Yu Ling to be racist and upsetting” has many comments from players outraged by Eversen’s strange depiction of many fans’ favorite player of the season.

Yu Ling via Instagram

Seemingly in response to this, Yu Ling has put a post up on her Instagram account showing support for Eversen’s portrait.

yu ling instagram post
Yu Ling’s recent Instagram post

Yu Ling clearly takes no offense to the portrait and wants no ill will thrown Eversen’s way. She also makes a comment in the caption of the same post about being “Personally upset” at production over an editing decision. Apparently, Yu Ling made a comment during her family video about her sister not drawing eyebrows on their mom. It doesn’t seem as though the comment is made with any legitimate hate towards production, though. Just another bit of Yu Ling sarcasm that’s drawn so many fans to her personality since the season began.

The Circle Keeps Going Around

There’s only 1 episode of this season remaining. It’s unknown at this time when Season 5 of Netflix’s hit reality show is coming to follow this season. It doesn’t seem as though they filmed Seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back like they did with 2 and 3. So nothing is official as of right now. Casting is still open, even though the website says the closing date was back in October of 2021. So are they still looking for the right cast before they film Season 5? Or is the person who runs their casting website just having a rough time at the moment? We really don’t know. Hopefully, there’s more of The Circle in the near future, though.

The finale for Season 4 of The Circle drops this upcoming Wednesday.

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