‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Shocks With Fresh Hairstyle

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Shocks With Fresh Hairstyle [Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo shocked fans with her fresh hairstyle. The TLC star has been showing off a lot of different looks lately. Theresa is in the midst of her nationwide live tour experience, so she has to switch it up. She’s shared most of her looks from her stage show on Instagram.

Fans were shocked when Theresa didn’t have her iconic big hair. They’ve known her for that look ever since she premiered her reality series in September 2011. She’s been making some changes to her signature look. Sometimes, she’ll rock extensions, and other times she’ll style it differently.

Theresa Caputo's Signature Hairstyle [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Theresa Caputo looks sleek and chic in new photo

Theresa Caputo posed in her latest backstage photo. She made another change to her signature hairstyle. Fans recognize her with her big hair, orange tan, and long nails. However, she went for a demure hairstyle for the latest stop on her tour.

Theresa Caputo showed off her hair transformation earlier this week. She wore a little black turtleneck dress that featured feathers along the hemline and sleeves. The reality star showed off her toned legs as she rocked a pair of black pointed-toe shoes. However, it was her hairstyle that had fans in a state of shock.

Theresa Caputo's Sleek Look [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
She tweaked her iconic hairstyle. Theresa added a silver bejeweled clip to the crown of her head. She also had on longer straight locks than usual. Theresa Caputo captioned the photo: “Love me a dress with some feathers.” Fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

  • “Love the dress… like your hair shorter like you used to wear it… looks like a 16 year old sorry just my opinion.”
  • “Love your hair and your outfit Theresa. You look great.”
  • “You look like you are 19 years old!!!”
  • “Love your hair like that!!!”

As you can see, fans had varying opinions. Some think Theresa Caputo looked better with this hairstyle. Others thought the look was too young for her. She can’t satisfy everyone.

Long Island Medium star changes up her style

Earlier this month, Theresa Caputo rocked a low-key look when she posed with her granddaughter. She’s been sharing many photos of baby Michelina on her Instagram feed. Theresa is a proud grandmother. She shared a photo of herself with a tamed hairstyle.

The television personality sat on the bed as she held onto Michelina Rose as she packed for her tour. Theresa Caputo admitted that she’s going to miss the little one while she’s away. In the photo, she wore an all-black outfit with a gold bracelet and her traditional long nails.

Theresa Caputo Holds Baby Michelina [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
Fans have expressed their concern with the psychic’s nails. They think it’s too dangerous for the baby’s delicate skin. What are your thoughts on Theresa Caputo’s latest look? Sound off below in the comment section.

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