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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Season 4: Get To Know Nathan Meggs

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Welcome to Plathville Season 4 kicked off by welcoming a new member to the cast. For the past few seasons, fans have gotten to know, Kim and Barry Plath and their children, as well as their daughter-in-law, Olivia. It’s not often that new people join the Plath family’s show. The cast has consisted of a pretty tight-knit group for a while now.

But now, fans are getting to know the newest addition, Nathan Meggs. Because he only recently joined the show, fans don’t know much about him. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about who he is.

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In the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere, which aired on TLC on Tuesday, May 17, viewers met someone new. Nathan Meggs is living with Ethan, Olivia, and Moriah in Tampa.

Welcome to Plathville Season 4: Who is Nathan Meggs?

On the show, Nathan introduced himself as Olivia’s brother. He had just graduated, turned 18, and was ready to move out of his parents’ home around the same time Olivia, Ethan, and Moriah were moving to Tampa. He was able to split rent with them, so he jumped on the opportunity. On the show, he said this was “an overnight decision.”

Olivia says that living with Ethan, Moriah, and Nathan has been “interesting to say the least.”

The Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere didn’t focus too much on Nathan, but fans did get to “meet” him. Olivia explained that he sometimes like hanging out with them, but other times, he’s off by himself.

It looks like Nathan is pursuing a career in music, as he mentions on his Instagram page.

Olivia Plath Instagram, Welcome to Plathville

Because Nathan was raised with Olivia, and they had a somewhat sheltered upbringing like the Plath kids, this is an opportunity for him to get out and explore everything that’s out there.

Not too much is known about Nathan and Olivia’s other siblings. But maybe we will learn more about them later on.

You can find Nathan on Instagram here.

Hopefully, fans will get to know Nathan a little better throughout this season. From social media, it looks like he’s spending a lot of time with Moriah, Ethan, and Olivia.

So, are you looking forward to getting to know Olivia Plath’s brother, Nathan Meggs on Welcome to Plathville Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Plath family news.

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