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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Max Tries To Save Face With Moriah?

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After the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere, is Max Kallschmidt just trying to save face with Moriah Plath? His recent actions suggest he might be trying to make himself look better amid Moriah’s sadness in the season premiere. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what Max has done now.

In case you missed it, Max revealed in a YouTube video that he and Moriah are no longer together. He didn’t much about what happened. But ultimately, the duo chose to split after he talked to another girl.

YouTube, Welcome to Plathville

The Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere reveals Moriah’s pain.

When the show’s fourth season premiered on Tuesday, May 17, viewers got a closer look at what Moriah is going through right now. The young woman makes it clear that she’s in a “dark place.”

In the first Welcome to Plathville Season 4 episode, Moriah doesn’t share too many details about her failed relationship. But viewers think it is obvious that she’s feeling depressed. She isn’t feeling up to helping with chores around the house. She’s spending a lot of time alone in her room.

Moriah Plath Instagram
Moriah Plath Instagram

It’s safe to say that this breakup has hit Moriah hard.

Is Max just trying to save face?

After the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere, Max made a move that seems to suggest that he’s trying to save face. On Wednesday, May 18, one day after the premiere, Moriah released a new single. She promoted it on social media and thanked her friends and family for sharing about it, too.

Surprisingly, Max posted a screenshot as he listened to the song, calling it “fire.”

Max Kallschmidt Instagram
Max Kallschmidt Instagram

This came as a shock because Moriah and Max haven’t interacted publicly for months. They deleted all of their pictures of each other on social media. So, it’s unclear what prompted him to share his ex-girlfriend’s music.

It looks like he got quite a few messages after posting this because he shared an explanation video. Maybe fans thought he was trying to make it look like he and Moriah are still friends. Or maybe he’s trying to save face because of how upset she seemed on the Welcome to Plathville premiere episode.

He talked to his phone, explaining, “Know that I genuinely was supporting Moriah by posting that because she’s obviously getting better at writing songs. It was a genuine support.”

Then, he wrapped up his message, saying, “I didn’t mean anything else by that. I was just genuinely supporting Moriah and her new success.”

So, do you think Max Kallschmidt was genuinely supporting Moriah Plath’s music career? Or do you think that he is trying to save face after the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere showed her sadness? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family. You can see Moriah talk about her breakup in the video below.

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