‘General Hospital’ Tragedy Strikes, Kelly Monaco’s House Burns Down?

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General Hospital star Kelly Monaco is living her worst nightmare right now. On Friday the 13th, she lived a real-life soap storyline as her life went up in flames. Now she will be forced to rebuild but how did this all happen?

Kelly Monaco Arrives At General Hospital 

It was a big deal when Kelly arrived on the Port Charles scene almost two decades ago. She played Sam McCall and what made her role so pivotal was she was intertwined with the best players. It was discovered her birth mother was Alexis Davis who had a child with Sonny Corinthos. Yet, Sam ended up getting involved with Sonny, as well. At the same time, she had a brief affair with Jax and ends up pregnant. Both men want to know who the father is but it turns out to be Sonny’s. Sadly, the baby was born stillborn but the cells were able to help her sister from Alexis.


Luckily, she forged a great relationship with Alexis after all was said and done. She even fell in love with Jason and went through several dramatic relationships. Her life on the show was extremely eventful. However, no one actually expects art to imitate life by any means especially when it comes to severe tragedy. Then, last Friday, Kelly’s world was rocked when her home went up in flames and she was left in tears.

Burning Down The House

According to TMZ, Kelly’s house went up in flames last Friday the 13th. The General Hospital star claimed she awoke that morning to a fire overtaking her front yard. Apparently, the cause was a lit cigarette and the fire quickly climbed to her windows. Eventually, the engulfed part of her Sherman Oaks home. It is presumed to have cost hundreds of thousands in dollars of damage. Furthermore, the actress will not be able to live there for the foreseeable future.


Currently, the police have security footage of what happened and they see the lit cigarette being flicked onto the lot. As of now, it is deemed an accident. After all that has been said and done, this is what Kelly has to say: “Something as little as a cigarette butt can cause casualties and devastation.” Hopefully, she can rebuild and get back into her home sooner rather than later. Luckily, she got out safe and no one was hurt in all of this. Thoughts go out to the actress during this devastating time.

What do you think of this horrific accident? Let us know and watch General Hospital daily on ABC.

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