‘My Feet Are Killing Me’ Lady With Scary Growths Calls Them ‘Creatures’

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My Feet Are Killing Me is taking foot surgery to the next level. Though the doctors have performed some epic procedures, this one is a tad creepy. When viewers see what is growing, the ‘creatures’ might be too much.

My Feet Are Killing Me Takes It To The Next Level

Walking is a luxury for those who can do it. Yet sometimes people get calluses, bunions, hangnails, and other odd growths. Luckily, there are pedicures and podiatrists for quick fixes. Other times, foot issues are so serious that they require more than just a nail file and a buffer. For those who end up on MFAKM, their foot issues are above and beyond. Three podiatrists, Brad Schaeffer, Ebonie Vincent, and Sarah Haller handle the most severe of feet traumas. Drs. Schaeffer and Haller are on the East Coast while Dr. Vincent provides for the West.


In some ways, it has been billed as the Dr. Pimple Popper of feet since the most peculiar of situations occur. For example, a recent patient had a growth that looked like a worm growing out of her foot. Another had bunions which are not unusual but they were literally the size of golf balls. Yet for these three doctors, this had become commonplace. In tonight’s episode, a patient comes in to be treated. However, what Dr. Brad is faced with is more than he bargained for. Can he handle it and more so, will viewers be able to make it through the whole episode?

Creatures From The Foot Lagoon

In the latest episode, Dr. Brad encounters a patient with feet that will rock viewers to the core. She is wearing socks and Birkenstocks but he is very gentle as he removes both. He wants her to know he will stop if she is in any pain but clearly, he has no idea why is going on underneath. There are mystery growths poking through the black socks. Dr. Brad makes viewers aware you do not normally see the callus through the sock before even removing them. The patient refers to them as “beautiful little creatures.”


Dr. Brad is blown away as he claims these are the most extreme growths he has seen on the bottom of someone’s feet. He can clearly see now why she is in so much pain. At this point, he has no idea what it is simply because she s in so much pain and she is scared she cannot go on. If she does, she will end up in a wheelchair. She is there for a reason and he will find a solution, he just has to.

What do you think of her “little creatures” and can he find a cure? Find out what happens when My Feet Are Killing Me airs Wednesday nights on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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