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Fans Ask Amy Roloff Who ‘Mike On Her Walk’ Is, Does Hubby Know?

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Little People, Big World fans have many questions for Amy Roloff after her recent social media post. The TLC star talked about “Mike” on her recent walk. But fans don’t know who this is or why she’s even talking about him. Scroll down to see what Amy said, how fans reacted, and what actually happened.

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Amy Roloff talks about ‘Mike’ on her walk.

On Instagram on Tuesday, May 17, Amy Roloff shared with fans that she went on a walk. The TLC star has been trying to walk more and take care of herself.

In the photo she shared, she’s standing in front of a pink flowering tree. She is showing off her arms as she soaks up some sunshine and gets a little bit of exercise in. And she’s all smiles after a successful walk.

She wrote, “Earlier today did a 2 mike walk.” 

Then, she added, “Woohoo! 🎉. Trying to keep at it and that I am. 🤗. My reward? A slice of fudge at Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen ♥️” 

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram


LPBW fans are questioning what she meant by ‘2 mikes.’

It looks like Amy Roloff’s new post has left fans with a lot of questions. Some of them quickly figured out what happened with her post and were able to decipher what she wrote.

One fan said, “2 mike walk? Or 2 mile walk…”

Someone else wonders, “What’s a mike walk?”

Another LPBW fan cracks a joke, writing, “Two ‘Mikes’ on the walk? Wow does Chris know? Lol. 2 miles is good, girl.”

In the screenshot above, you can see that Amy wrote “Mike” instead of “mile.” So, while she meant to say that she walked two miles, she ended up saying she did a “2 Mike” walk.

LPBW Chris Marek - Amy Roloff - Youtube
LPBW Chris Marek – Amy Roloff – Youtube

After slipping up, Amy didn’t edit her post or offer an explanation. But it looks like enough of her followers were able to figure out what she meant.

Amy is still happily married to her new hubby Chris Marek, so fans have nothing to worry about. “Mike” was nothing more than a harmless typo in her Instagram post.

So, what do you think of Amy Roloff’s little slip-up? Did you get a good laugh out of it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World news. Plus, don’t miss new episodes every Tuesday on TLC. 

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  1. Why does Chris seem to enjoy putting Amy in awkward situations with Matt? You’d think he’d be protective of her from someone that caused her so much unhappiness. Just an observation. Matt seems to enjoy it too. Still causing her distress and holding power over her seems to be his goal. Caryn is a snake too….

  2. 1st. Amy and Chris Congratulations on your wedding. It was beautiful. I don’t like Karen she’s a snake. We love you guys!

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