Zach Roloff Says Caryn Was TOO Involved In Farm Negotiations

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Zach Roloff has some strong opinions regarding Caryn Chandler’s involvement in the Roloff Farms negotiations during the LPBW Season 23 Premiere tonight. As TvShowsAce previously reported in a recap of the episode, fans with Discovery+ subscriptions have the opportunity to watch the episode a little early.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode.

Zach Roloff didn’t like Caryn’s involvement

At the beginning of the episode, LPBW fans learn that Zach and Tori made an offer on the northside of Roloff Farms a few weeks before filming. So, the beginning of the episode recapped how negotiations went. Now, those who follow Roloff news and social media activity already know that negotiations did NOT go well. Likewise, fans also already know that Zach and Tori did buy a house in another state and move away when fans fell through. But, the LPBW Season 23 Premiere gives fans a closer look at how the negotiations went down.

Zach and Matt both spoke to the producers telling their sides of what happened. Matt explains that his son did not come into it with a businessman hat on. He claims that Zach came in “hot” and demanded how things were going to be. Zach insists that he knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to let his father control the situation.

Caryn Zach Roloff
LPBW – YouTube

Speaking to the cameras, Zach Roloff admits he didn’t really understand Caryn’s part in the process. Roloff Farms belonged to his father. And, he believed this should have been a business transaction between himself, Tori, and his father. Zach added that he had a term that Caryn responded to noting that “we can’t do that.” Zach explained that frustrated him because he wanted his father to speak up. He didn’t like Caryn talking for his father or making decisions for him.

Why was Caryn even there?

Matt Roloff spoke to the cameras to shine some line on Caryn’s involvement in the process. He started out by reminding everyone that Caryn was his life partner. Even if the property belonged to him, she was still a part of it. Furthermore, Matt added that Caryn Chandler was there for moral support and to protect him. He was worried he wouldn’t hear everything and wanted an extra pair of ears that were on his side and knew what he wanted.

Little People Big World - Matt Roloff- Caryn Chandler
Little People Big World – Matt Roloff- Caryn Chandler

Caryn Chandler chimed in to note she didn’t believe Zach came into the meeting with business in mind. And, she thinks that was really why things went south.

Do you think Caryn Chandler should have been involved in this decision? Or, does Zach have a point? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest LPBW news and spoilers.

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