’Unexpected’: Did TLC Amplify Jason & Kylen Drama For Ratings?

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Unexpected viewers do not know how much more they can take when it comes to Jason and Kylen. It has come to the point where they are desperate to get him off of the show. They cannot understand why she is still with him and more so, why TLC is enabling his cruel behavior. Yet has this all been dragged on as a ratings booster?

Jason Thinks He Is The Core Of Unexpected

When Season 5 began, fans of the series knew Jason had a past behind him. He seemed to have some aggression issues but the show still went on with him in tow. Unfortunately, his reputation was very much accurate and he was quite a difficult young man. He and his girlfriend Kylen discovered they were pregnant fairly soon into their relationship. Jason was cool with it though he did not think it would happen so soon. Together they were going to make it work but it would basically be Jason’s way or the highway. He dictated everything that was going to happen from the beginning. Kylen was not allowed to see her family even though she felt it was normal for teens to be with their parents.


She wanted a hospital birth but he declined that. He believed a home birth would allow him to be more involved. Furthermore, he was against any sort of drugs including IV liquids or an epidural. When she did ultimately need one for safe delivery, he freaked out and made it a stressful environment for her. This caused him to be removed. She had to beg for the hospital staff to permit him to return but he still berated her for her decision. Kylen was in labor for forty-seven hours and he still would not let the epidural go. In the end, Jason is under the belief that all the drama he brings has boosted the show and the network. Fans just want him gone but did TLC use the couple’s drama to their advantage?

Using And Abusing The Storyline

Despite a petition to have Jason removed from the show and a callout to the network, the couple actually made it to the tell-all. Now fans are believing that TLC does not actually care if they are promoting an abusive situation. All they care about is ratings. A Reddit thread was started over the situation and there are a lot of thoughts on this. “I think TLC is banking on people “hate-watching” Jason for their ratings,” the thread started. Yet it did continue with the idea that viewers are watching but getting so infuriated that they have to change the channel.


“I’ve never watched this show personally, but that is essentially the only content TLC makes anymore, something for us to “hate-watch” as you say. They’re also notorious for platforming abusers,” another added. After all the complaints the network has gotten from fans, they have yet to acknowledge Jason’s behavior. That is probably the real issue that it has just been swept under the rug. Yet if the ratings keep boosting because people want to see what Jason will do next, why should TLC do anything?

Do you think he has been kept around because of his deplorable behavior? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


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